Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chores & Rain

I can gladly say that I was productive yesterday. Since moving into a basement, one of our biggest issues has been keeping the insects out. When we moved in, the basement had tons of firewood stacked inside and a window open, allowing for all sorts of tiny creatures to move in and seek shelter. We quickly moved the firewood and stacked it neatly along a stone wall that's just outside of the basement door. Since then, we've learned that keeping wood so close to the house is a huge pest-control no-no, so yesterday I set out to move it... again.

This is just a little more than 1/3 of the total wood that needs moving. I seriously can't believe how much chopped wood is out there. I came across a few different spiders and bugs, but the highlight of my predicament was definitely unearthing this little guy.

When it gets rainy out, tiny little salamanders like this guy are all about trying to hide in the house. This is actually the biggest I've seen here, and he was only about 3 inches in length.

Bothered by my camera, he eventually retreated deeper into the wood pile to hopefully be discovered another day.

It started raining shortly after, and although it's been on and off since then, it seems most of the creatures that would normally penetrate our defenses in this weather have been staved off. That means I've been at least a little bit successful! If tomorrow is just as rainy as today, I'll be getting some work done indoors. More specifically, my brand new craft room! Huzzah!

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