Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My New Navigation Menu!

Hey there! I spent all of yesterday working on my awesome new navigation menu and I wanted to show it off! While I didn't expect it to be an easy task, I knew that I'd be able to figure it out with a basic knowledge of web design and a lot of Googling.

While I'm not 100% satisfied with the look of it, I'm glad that I got this far and now have a template to work with when I decide to make it prettier! I'm also now full of new ideas regarding the look and feel of my blog, as to me it feels like there's still something missing.

Maybe when I get more familiar with projects like this I'll try to write up a tutorial that's a bit easier for beginners to understand. While I was certainly capable of finding all the necessary information, I found it a little difficult as this was my first experience with slicing images in Photoshop. Ideally I'd like to write a tutorial that includes not only the directions for uploading the necessary images and adding them, but also the basics of slicing an image, putting it back together using HTML, and defining which pieces should be clickable links, among other things.

So what do you think of my new navigational menu? Would you like to see how I did it?

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