Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life Lately

Finally, Brad and I managed to move into our newly-finished basement! Things had been tough - we spent a whole bunch of time and energy transforming this into a place that we could call home, but it took us quite a bit longer than expected to seal our room from the outdoors. We have only been sleeping in here for a few days, but each time I lie down, I sleep like a stone. It may be from the satisfaction of seeing our beautiful living space come together, but it may also be the result of the constant maintenance that the room demands each day. One thing I know is that the change of scenery has been incredibly inspiring, and I'm dreaming up new ideas for our cozy little bedroom each day.

In the meantime, I've been writing two very special DIYs and sketching up some brand new items for the shop! I've been meaning to get some time to myself to explore the woods again and take some nature photos, or just to get outside while there's enough daylight for outfit pictures, but with my boyfriend-photographer working the night shift, it seems neither of us ever see the light of day. Unfortunately the same can be said of my brand new tripod that I've been wanting to break in.

This week, like every week, I'm striving to finish the projects that I've set out for myself and get organized in a major way. This includes making my studio a comfy place to craft and organize this chaos that is creativity.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Sometimes life sure does get the better of us, so it's good to know that I've got a place like this to unload when my own place starts to feel like a burden, and vice-versa. I wish you the best of luck in finding the inspiration and motivation to get through the coming holiday season. Cheers!

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