Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week of Thanks: Day 3

As my Week of Thanks celebration is taking place primarily on my blog, I find it only fitting that I take the time to be thankful for the blogging community. There are so many wonderfully creative and charming people in the Blogosphere that are always contributing and rarely asking for anything in return.

Bloggers are important to me as a whole because they help me to remember that there is a human with a smile and a dream behind every bright, glaring device screen, and that everything is made by a real person who cares truly and deeply about something. Bloggers contribute so much to the handmade community because blogging is in itself a handmade community, a community of sharing, inspiring, writing and reading. Our blogs are our homes away from home, our Rooms of Requirement* that can be molded into whatever type of space we need them to be. They are our journals and our memories.

The things that make blogging really worthwhile, however, are the people you're writing to, the people you're following, and the people who inspire you. It can be difficult at times to think that there are others out there making your dreams happen for them, but once you open up and learn to stop comparing yourself and instead to draw motivation from these brilliant individuals and their success stories, you learn how to be inspired by these friendly folks and look forward to hearing about them and learning from them. There truly is a community waiting for you once you take the time to find it, so thank you, for reading and making my blog everything that it can be.

*Yeah, I just dropped a Harry Potter reference. What?

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