Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Week of Thanks: Day 6

Since Brad and I moved into our cozy little basement, we have been enjoying the rustic ambiance of the fireplace that we use to heat our room. While it was quite fun at first, watching and soaking up the heat of the fire every day and night, the whole situation gets terribly old after awhile - from starting the fire to hauling the wood inside, not to mention everything that takes place prior to that - it's all just a great deal of work. I can honestly say that it's a nice feeling, to work and earn your heat, to put time and effort into your own survival. There's a certain kind of pride that comes with taking matters into your own hands that you just don't get from allowing a company to take care of you with all its crazy futuristic heating gadgets. I'm just kidding, of course. The basement is the only room that requires the fireplace for heat. Anyway...

When my father tried to start his business from home, he put together a photo album of polaroids to showcase his work to prospective buyers. He didn't have a website or know where to get one. His business grew by word-of-mouth, by family, friends, and people that he met at social gatherings. He didn't track his blog views or monitor the reach of his Facebook page or list his items on Etsy. My dad just made things and sold them.

Let me say now that I am thankful for the technology that is available to me today. It makes things easier, and I love designing with the tools that I have on my desktop and marketing myself using the web. There are so many things that our devices can do for us now that they couldn't do 15 years ago, especially when it comes to growing your business. You can accept credit card payments and write blog posts from your cell phone, and you can put yourself on every social media platform that you think your target market is hiding in, but you can also get lost for hours in a world that isn't really there.

What I am more thankful for is that I realize what my father had that I do not possess. My father could make and do and sell things because he didn't have the distractions of the internet bringing him down. He could email his contacts when necessary, of course, but he wasn't getting into every social networking site he could find and creating Pinterest boards for each of his intended projects. All he did was put himself where his buyer was and finish work that he started.

My computer may make my business experience run a whole lot smoother and provide tons of resources, but what it comes down to is that my computer isn't sewing up my next handbag or preheating my glue gun for me. It's so wonderful to be thankful for all the things we have to aid and comfort us, but today I think it's time to be thankful for what we're capable of without our computers and the work that we do when we allow ourselves time apart from them.

I hope I've been able to inspire you during today's Week of Thanks post to get offline and find motivation in the beauty of nature and good old-fashioned hard work. Thanks for reading!

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