Thursday, November 22, 2012

Week of Thanks: Day 7

Hello there and happy Thanksgiving! I'm sure many of you may be very familiar with the story of the feast that sparked this American tradition, but Thanksgiving is a holiday that is celebrated in many different countries in many different ways. This includes feasts, festivals, parades, religious services, and martial arts demonstrations, but no matter your method of celebration, the idea is the same: spend time giving thanks for what you're happy to have.

The tale of the first Thanksgiving here is ambiguous, but the celebrations carried on are in praise of our beautiful country and the events in history that led to where we are now. Today I'd like to conclude my Week of Thanks by proclaiming how thankful I am for the land I live on.

Every four years, the United States government takes the time to stop and ask its people what they want for our country. The citizens can go to their local voting booths and cast their ballots, touching on all matters, small and controversial. They can choose to affiliate themselves with a certain political party, or with none at all. They can choose between candidates that are pro-life or pro-choice, that have various ideas for energy farming and conservation, candidates that want to end wars or take us to Mars, with different religious backgrounds, morals, and ideals. If you don't like any of the candidates, you can choose to not choose at all. There will never be a perfect candidate and it's certainly not a perfect system, but I'm thankful that I live in such a nation that allows me to contribute my own voice to help build a better future.

My country is beautiful and free, and no matter where I may wander, this land is my home. I'm thankful for the people that I share it with and the traditions we celebrate together here. Here's wishing you a glorious feast this Thanksgiving Day as well as a big thanks to you, for reading and helping my blog grow. Enjoy the holidays!

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