Friday, December 28, 2012

NEPA Arts & Crafts Events: January 2013

Welcome, crafters and lovers of all things vintage and handmade! The dawn of the new year is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than to get out there and find the perfect arts-and-crafts event or flea market to hawk your handmade stuff at this year? You'll find many of these events are recurring throughout the month, but all are right here in beautiful Northeastern Pennsylvania. If you're traveling through, be sure to come support our local handicrafters and browse through some unique antiques!

1/01 - Marshall's Creek Flea Market @ 5163 Milford Rd, E Stroudsburg
1/04 - First Friday Scranton @ various locations, Scranton
1/12 - Art After Dark @ various locations, Milford

On-going events:

Daily: Merchant's Village Indoor Market @ 1201 Oak St., Pittston
Wed - Sun: Marketplace @ 10th St. Plaza, Bloomsburg
Fri - Sat: Ladies Craft Getaway Weekends @ Spruce Hollow Farm, Gibson
Fri - Mon: Weekend Bargains Flea Market @ 51 N Third St., Stroudsburg
Sat - Sun: 6th Street Flea Market @ 231 W Sixth St., Wyoming
Sat - Sun: Marshall's Creek Flea Market @ 5163 Milford Rd., E Stroudsburg

If you know of an event local to Northeastern Pennsylvania featuring the work of local artists and artisans, feel free to submit information to ShubetteHandmade[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays from Shubette Handmade

Happy holidays, everyone! I've been taking a bit of a blogcation, but I'll be back this week with your monthly edition of NEPA Arts & Crafts. I hope your holiday season has been merry and bright!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Inspired #3: Holiday Cardmaking Edition

Happy Holiday Cardmaking Week, arts-and-craftsters! I've been keeping myself awfully busy this week, and truthfully I still have many Christmas cards to finish as the holidays get nearer. To celebrate one hell of a crafty week and to provide just a little more inspiration if you, too need to get back onto your holiday card-making horse, here's Inspired #3: the Holiday Cardmaking Edition! Click each image to view its source and tutorial!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

HCW: Cards with Embroidery

Embroidering on paper is a super easy way to create your own designs and embellishments for cards! Many of my cards have embroidered details, and often I'll stitch an entire greeting across the front of a card, if I don't have a better method of achieving the lettering that I want. I love using embroidery to bring more dimension to my designs and incorporate materials that you wouldn't expect to find in a store-bought holiday card.

If you're new to stitching on paper, there's a couple tutorials that I would recommend written by Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest, which you can find here and here! Even if this is your first time trying this out, I've got some designs that are sure to inject some extra cheer into your holiday cards this year!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

HCW: Papercrafting Tools, Part II

Welcome back to Holiday Cardmaking Week! If you loved yesterday's post about my most-loved cutting tools and adhesives, then you're in for a treat today! I'm going to be talking about some more of my favorite tools! Are you ready?

First, I'd like to mention that one very important method that you'll be using during the card-making process is scoring. By using a blunt, stylus-type utensil, you can trace along the fold-line of your card-stock to ensure your creases end up smooth and straight. I don't personally own a scorer, but there are plenty of pointy objects that you can find around the house that will do the trick(i.e.: a toothpick, the curved edge of a paperclip, side of a coin).

Once you've covered the basics of cutting, adhering, and scoring, the rest is really up to you. I love to incorporate different stamps & punches for various effects. The small punch on the top left, for example, creates cute little hearts that I like to use as confetti inside envelopes, while the large blue punch on the right is perfect for creating beautiful, lacy edged borders.

Stamps are also perfect for dressing up any card or scrapbooking page. If you're looking to do some lettering, you can find itty bitty alphabet stamp sets for super cheap at craft stores. You can find some pretty handy dandy tools around the house, too. Take my little blue pencil, for example...

By sticking a flat-headed sewing pin into my spent eraser, I've created my own tool for making dots. Just dip it into your paint (or nail polish - I won't judge you) and dab it right on.

I'm sure there are tons of little shapes that I could find around the house to create stamping tools out of, but what doesn't look a hundred times cuter covered in polka dots?

Thanks for reading! Do you have any favorite tools that you've made from household objects?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Cardmaking Week: My Papercrafting Tools

Good morning, readers! Christmas is steadily approaching, but there's still time to make and send your very own holiday cards this season. This week on the blog is all about one of my very favorite hobbies, and the one that keeps me the busiest this time of year: card-making! Be sure to stop in throughout the week for more papercrafty goodness! But first...

I thought the best way to kick off my carding-spree would be with the very basics, so today I'd like to share a little bit about my most-used paper-crafting tools.

 These are a few of my sharp, cutty things. First, I have a few different kinds of pattern-edged scissors, which are really inexpensive and are great for subtle details such as decorative edging. Second, you'll see my Exacto-Knife, which comes in handy for precision cutting and tracing. Next is my favorite little guy, my Fiskars cutting tool. It's much like an Exacto-knife, but it's a little easier to manipulate and uses the exacto-same blades! Finally, as you may have guessed, one of the tools that ends up getting used the most are scissors. Mine are shears which used to be very sharp, but now say "CRAP SHEARS" along the opposite side so everyone knows that I'm not ruining my good fabric shears to cut up all this crap.

Finally, what's the point of cutting up paper if you can't put it back together? Here are just a few of my favorite adhesives when it comes to paper-crafting. On the far left is my crazy-awesome adhesive dot strip applicator. I found this thing on sale at the dollar store and it was love at first sight. Instead of leaving a solid strip of stickiness, this little guy leaves behind a trail of teeny-tiny sticky dots. Then we have good old-fashioned Tacky Glue, which should be used sparingly and only when adhering card-stock to card-stock, as it tends to seep into thinner papers. While you'll find that any type of glue stick will get the job done 90% of the time, sometimes you need just a little more dimension. When you want to give a layer on your card a subtle pop and make it stand out, you can try Glue Dots, which come in a few different sizes to fit your needs.

There are a few additional basics that do not fall into the cutting and pasting categories. Do you see the gridded surface in my "Holiday Cardmaking Week" image at the top of the page? This is my self-healing cutting mat, which can be found at any craft store, is great for keeping your surfaces safe, and doubles as a measuring tool. Speaking of measuring tools, you're going to need a ruler! I have a sturdy metal ruler to use as a cutting straight-edge, and a plastic one that grips my mat better, to keep from sliding out of place. I also have a few stencils, stamps, and punches that I've collected over time that you just might be seeing more of in the near future!

As always, thanks for reading! I can't wait to teach you a thing or two about making cards this week! ;)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

All I Want For Christmas

Hey, folks! If you're a person that's looking to get me a really awesome holiday gift, then look no further! I've collected a few items that I certainly wouldn't mind finding under my tree this Christmas!
 Christmas Wishlist 2012
  1. Organic Black-Eyed Susan Plugs, $42. There are quite a few things I love about Omerica Organic body jewelry, but having the option to completely customize any pair in the shop definitely takes the cake. I'd buy a size 00 for average sized ears with a double flare. Oh, and you can get 20% off your first order from OO if you use my rep code: SHMADE
  2. Flower Base Branch Jewelry Stand, $39. This jewelry tree from Urban Outfitters would look perfect on top of my dresser, but I think I could DIY something similar if I really wanted to!
  3. Prospectress Boot, $70. I've been shopping around for some cute brown leather boots! The heels on Modcloth's Prospectress Boot may be a little high for my taste, but I'd risk falling on my face a few times trying to put on these puppies.
  4. Brown Document Clutch, $38. I can't quite put my finger on what it is I love most about this vegan leather clutch from Angela and Roi. It's simple, unique, and timeless.
  5. Sleeping Bunny Wood Pin, $12. I'm pretty much crazy in love with this adorable bunny pin from Shoppe Sugar Cookie. Here you'll also find Flossy - a collection of carved, crafty animals that want to keep your embroidery floss spiffy and neat, all handmade by Missy Kulik.
  6. Hammary Baja Coffee Table, $452. This table is stunning, and the wheels and drawers would be really handy upgrades to our current TV stand. So it may be a little out of the general gifting price range, but I definitely spotted a cheap knock-off at our local Walmart...
  7. Sash Samba Belt, $16. You'd be surprised at how many dresses I have that are longing for this belt. Just another Modcloth classic that would be perfect with almost any outfit.
Thanks for stopping by; I hope you've enjoyed my collection! What is it that you really want for Christmas?