Thursday, December 6, 2012

All I Want For Christmas

Hey, folks! If you're a person that's looking to get me a really awesome holiday gift, then look no further! I've collected a few items that I certainly wouldn't mind finding under my tree this Christmas!
 Christmas Wishlist 2012
  1. Organic Black-Eyed Susan Plugs, $42. There are quite a few things I love about Omerica Organic body jewelry, but having the option to completely customize any pair in the shop definitely takes the cake. I'd buy a size 00 for average sized ears with a double flare. Oh, and you can get 20% off your first order from OO if you use my rep code: SHMADE
  2. Flower Base Branch Jewelry Stand, $39. This jewelry tree from Urban Outfitters would look perfect on top of my dresser, but I think I could DIY something similar if I really wanted to!
  3. Prospectress Boot, $70. I've been shopping around for some cute brown leather boots! The heels on Modcloth's Prospectress Boot may be a little high for my taste, but I'd risk falling on my face a few times trying to put on these puppies.
  4. Brown Document Clutch, $38. I can't quite put my finger on what it is I love most about this vegan leather clutch from Angela and Roi. It's simple, unique, and timeless.
  5. Sleeping Bunny Wood Pin, $12. I'm pretty much crazy in love with this adorable bunny pin from Shoppe Sugar Cookie. Here you'll also find Flossy - a collection of carved, crafty animals that want to keep your embroidery floss spiffy and neat, all handmade by Missy Kulik.
  6. Hammary Baja Coffee Table, $452. This table is stunning, and the wheels and drawers would be really handy upgrades to our current TV stand. So it may be a little out of the general gifting price range, but I definitely spotted a cheap knock-off at our local Walmart...
  7. Sash Samba Belt, $16. You'd be surprised at how many dresses I have that are longing for this belt. Just another Modcloth classic that would be perfect with almost any outfit.
Thanks for stopping by; I hope you've enjoyed my collection! What is it that you really want for Christmas?

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