Thursday, December 13, 2012

HCW: Cards with Embroidery

Embroidering on paper is a super easy way to create your own designs and embellishments for cards! Many of my cards have embroidered details, and often I'll stitch an entire greeting across the front of a card, if I don't have a better method of achieving the lettering that I want. I love using embroidery to bring more dimension to my designs and incorporate materials that you wouldn't expect to find in a store-bought holiday card.

If you're new to stitching on paper, there's a couple tutorials that I would recommend written by Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest, which you can find here and here! Even if this is your first time trying this out, I've got some designs that are sure to inject some extra cheer into your holiday cards this year!

This zig-zag tree is simple and fun, but the sparkly gold star stitched on top makes this modern design much more elegant.

If you like to see a little more bling in your holiday trees, then who says you can't incorporate a few seed beads into your design? Try adding extra openings to string your bead between!

If you're having trouble drawing your design by hand, find the help of some household items to trace!

Try using your embroidery floss to achieve 3D effects! I secured my holly leaves with stitches, then curved them outward to make them pop out of the background.

I also love to incorporate buttons and other embellishments!

Thanks for reading! Will you be stitching any cards this holiday season?

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