Friday, December 14, 2012

Inspired #3: Holiday Cardmaking Edition

Happy Holiday Cardmaking Week, arts-and-craftsters! I've been keeping myself awfully busy this week, and truthfully I still have many Christmas cards to finish as the holidays get nearer. To celebrate one hell of a crafty week and to provide just a little more inspiration if you, too need to get back onto your holiday card-making horse, here's Inspired #3: the Holiday Cardmaking Edition! Click each image to view its source and tutorial!

I really love this tutorial found on the Wonder Forest. It's such an easy concept, you don't need an Cricut if you cut carefully, and it makes sharing your holiday photos a lot less tacky!


Here's another great way to show off your holiday photos with a quick and easy how-to by Carrie of Blume & Grow.

Here's a really classy embossing technique that you can try out with any stamp! Find the full tutorial on Florence Finds.

Florence Finds: Embossed Christmas Cards DIY

If you don't have your own stamps for embossing, there's no need to fret! Check out this handy tutorial on carving your own by Amy of A Diamond Mind!

This last one isn't a Christmas card, but instead features a lovely little girl on a swing, with a great tutorial on how to create this moving device using card-stock, pennies, and foam tape! Find more inspiration on Confessions of a Ribbon Addict.

Thanks for stopping by during Holiday Cardmaking Week! I hope I've been able to help inspire you during this busy season, and I look forward to sharing this year's greeting cards with you when the time is right! Happy holidays!

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