Monday, January 21, 2013

10 Things I Love About Cats


I didn't always know that I would turn into a crazy cat lady. When I was younger, my parents nicknamed me "Elmira" due to my overly-enthused pet-hugging. My cat obsession has grown over the years. These days I'm much better at expressing my affection towards animals, but I still make time for cat hugs on the daily.

And yet... some people just aren't kitty-friendly. But what's not to like about cats? Before you try to answer a question that's entirely rhetorical, here's 10 things I love about them:
  1. Cats are furry and warm, and therefore cuddly.
  2. They're like cute little babies that can feed and bathe themselves.
  3. They create white noise that can lull you to sleep.
  4. Did I mention they're adorable?
  5. Cats take care of house pests.
  6. They bring you presents, however, those are often body parts of aforementioned pests.
  7. Kitties sleep in the cutest (and often hilarious) positions.
  8. They're easy to house-train, because they want to cover their own poo.
  9. They're fairly introverted pets, which I can totally relate with.
  10. Cats are great at communicating their feelings.
They're so many more things to love about cats! Mine is keeping my feet warm right now! What do you love most about your pets?

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