Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Christmas Haul!

Happy 2013, readers! While I've thoroughly enjoyed this holiday season, it's such a relief that it is finally coming to an end! It seems that we spend so much time preparing for this time of the year, but as soon as everybody starts feeling merry, the good times are already behind us! Today I thought I'd extend my Christmas joy a little by showing off all the wonderful things Santa brought me!

I've spent an awful lot of time in craft stores in the past few months, what with card-making and gift-wrapping, and all the crafty little things that come along with Christmastime. I even did a whole lot of drooling over supplies that I could stock my studio with, and it was a little hard to not go crazy buying things for myself when I was supposed to be finding gifts for other people. Now it seems I'll get to have my crafty shopping spree after all, as I got a butt-load of crafty gift cards this Christmas! Yay!

Of course, I did get a few craft supplies for my stash! My stocking was stuffed with some pretty green, white, and red buttons, and I got quite a few more packs of buttons to fill my big ol' pickle jar with. Actually, I now have more buttons than will fit in there, so I'm gonna have to start collecting more jars to divide my collection into. I'm not complaining though! I also got some pretty rhinestones that I'll probably be using to decorate everything I can get my hands on. 2013 is going to be sparkly!

One thing that I'm pretty ecstatic about is my brand new Fiskar's paper cutter! This whole time I've been card-making and paper-crafting I've been making all of my cuts with a ruler and an Exacto-knife, and I haven't always been happy with the results. This cutter does the job way quicker and easier, and cuts a million times straighter! Now that this tool has been in my life, I'm not going to be able to live without it again!

From my very handsome and thoughtful boyfriend, I got a pretty set of drawers that I can wheel around my studio. I just haven't decided what exactly to put in them yet...

Last, but certainly not least, Brad's parents got us a Playstation 3! Brad already had one of his own that we would occasionally play games together on, but in recent years there have been less and less games with local-multiplayer capabilities. Now we can play just about any game together, assuming we have two copies or we're playing a game with data that is stored entirely on the system. Either way, I couldn't ask for a better gift than some quality time killing zombies and fighting crime with my handsome man. It's been a real blast!

I'm really thankful for how wonderful the holiday season has treated me. What I've enjoyed most has been the peaceful times I've spent with my family; it's not often that everyone manages to get along with each other, so it makes me incredibly happy to see that we can put our differences aside and find joy in the company of one another. How has your holiday been?

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