Friday, January 4, 2013

What I Wore: New Year's Eve

One of the many goals I've set for myself this year has been to better understand and further develop my personal style. I haven't tried an outfit post since starting this blog, but I thought the coming of the new year would be a good place to begin that too. So, here's What I Wore on New Year's Eve:



Outfit details:
Hat: thrifted
Necklace: family heirloom
Shirt & Vest: gifted
Pants: Wal-Mart
Coat: Old Navy
Shoes: gifted

This necklace was my mom's. I think I borrowed it from her as a teenager before losing it for a really long time and then finding it and wondering why I ever would have wanted to borrow it in the first place. Now I wear it rather often. If you're reading this, Mom, I'm sorry for never returning your necklace and I love you.

The top and vest were given to me as hand-me-downs from Brad's cousins. Brad told me that the white shirt looks better not tucked into my pants, and after looking at these pictures, I agree. Looking back, I wish I had better pictures of the shoes. Looking back even further, I realized that I do have a better shot of the shoes:

Is it weird that I already have pictures of these shoes stored on my computer? Probably not! From this angle you can really see the cute quilted texture and the decorative little chains on the front. These were given to me by my friend Katie! They're actually very inappropriate shoes to wear during winter, unless you're staying inside for the night!

After taking pictures, we rang in the new year by eating a lovely steak dinner, lazing around, playing video games, and shooting off some fireworks at the stroke of midnight. How did you celebrate?

Special thanks to my awesomely handsome boyfriend-photographer for taking these pictures!

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