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My Reading List for 2014

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I've always been an avid reader, a lover of fantasy and science fiction, the abnormal, the paranormal, the weird, and the wonderful, but I also love reading things that are insightful, creative, informative or funny. Last year, however, I managed to let my other hobbies get in the way of my love for books and reading. To make up for it, I've compiled a list of books that I can't wait to get my hands on this year! Read on!

First, I'd like to start with an impending release: One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories. This collection of irreverent short stories is by B.J. Novak, whose name you may be familiar with if you're a fan of the U.S. interpretation of Ricky Gervais' The Office. As of yet, I've only read small snippets of the stories found within, as this book won't be released until February the 4th, four days from now.

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If you're a fan of HBO's Game of Thrones, then you can imagine why the written series by George R. R. Martin has captured my fancy. I'm a huge fan of medieval/fantasy stories as it is, and I love finding myself consumed in such fantastical settings. I'm very certain that I will love and hate these books and all the feels that come along with them even more than I have experienced from enjoying them on the silver screen.

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One series of books that I've already started to delve into (and will also be making its way to film in the near future) is that of Odd Thomas. A few years ago, at the suggestion of my boyfriend, Brad, I started reading the first book, also titled Odd Thomas. From there, I continued into Forever Odd, Brother Odd, and Odd Hours, and then assumed that I was done. Luckily, I was mistaken, as there are apparently SEVEN books that I've yet to crack open in the series.

If you're new to the stories by Dean Koontz, Odd Thomas is a young fry-cook who doesn't want fame or glory... but to get on with his life, which is made infinitely more difficult by the fact that he can see the dead. Odd does whatever possible to help the spirits that approach him find peace with the help of a ghostly canine companion and the spirit of the late Mr. Elvis Presley.

The next fantasy adventure that I've picked out is in the form of an anti-superhero novel by Carrie Vaughn, titled After the Golden Age. In this story, Vaughn takes a step back from the ideal superheroes that we're all so familiar with and introduces us to someone else - the average, everyday, superpowerless daughter of two heroes - and has the reader ask herself what truly constitutes heroism. I've only flipped through the first few pages of this one, and it's already drawn me in. Plus, there's a sequel, which definitely helps with the pain of finishing a really great book and not wanting it to end just yet!

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I've also recently been introduced to this fantasy series by Terry Brooks, starting off with The Sword of Shannara. The original trilogy, written between 1977 and 1985, recounts the story of a post-apocalyptic world, destroyed by nuclear & chemical weapons and finally reborn into a magical medieval setting.

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This is surely one of the books that I'll be checking out later on in the year, once the holiday season creeps upon us again. The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore is about a young boy of seven, who mistakenly sees Santa take a shovel to the head and die. Luckily for him, the Archangel Raziel has descended to grant his only Christmas wish: to bring Santa back from the dead. But, as you'd expect from the book's title, Raziel isn't all that smart, and manages to do nothing but reign Christmas terror down on the happy little town of Pine Cove. I have theories about the way this book will turn out. They involve a zombified Santa, but don't correct me if I'm wrong. No spoilers!

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Another book that was suggested to me for this year is The Troupe by Robert Jackson Bennett. This is the story of a young man who joins vaudeville to hunt down the troupe of the man he believes is his father. There's a catch, however, and as he gets closer to the answer he seeks, things start becoming more and more strange. Reviews of the book claim that it is gripping and thought-provoking. Certainly this is a book that I hope to get the chance to flip through this year.

Thanks for reading! I hope to do quite a bit of reading myself this year! If you have any more book suggestions for me, be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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