Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Treasures 03

This week on Tuesday Treasures, I've discovered some wonderfully unique findings and creative ideas! Read on and enjoy!

Prepare your pet for the apocalypse with this real leather cat battle armor, handmade by Etsy user Schnabuble!

I love this DIY clock idea using twine! Get the full tutorial by Dria over at the DIO Home Improvements blog!

I'm a little bit crazy over this shy & adorable little mule portrait by Zoe. You can see more of her great photographs in her Etsy shop, Zoe, With Love.

This moose antler illustration poster by Jessica Rose at Moorea Seal would look absolutely perfect in my room!

The following pieces are by Polish ceramic artist Marta Turowska. Once I discovered her, I spent hours just browsing all of the beautiful handmade pieces of functional art that she's created. You can buy one for yourself over at her Etsy shop, Clay Opera!

This gorgeous red-orange octopus-inspired bowl is actually a standing sink basin!

Finally, the pattern on this teapot is just so whimsical! I also love the little spout!

Thanks for stopping in to read this week's edition of Tuesday Treasures!

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