Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sponsor Brittanibus in March!

Hello, readers! Do you have a blog or a handmade business that you'd like to advertise on The Blog of Brittanibus? Well, today's your lucky day, as I'm currently on the lookout for sponsors and ad swaps!

Currently, I have two available sizes to choose from, shown in the image below. Please feel free to message me at Brittanibus [at] gmail [dot] com if you're interested, including which size ad you'd like, as well as the dimensions of the ad I'll be sending you in return.

Because this is a small blog with a small readership, all ad spaces are FREE at this time! These ads are available on a first come, first served basis, however, ad swaps will be made my first priority in order to increase blog traffic. Please note that I reserve the right to choose which blogs and businesses fit into my niche and will politely decline requests from anything that my readers might find irrelevant.

Once again, thanks for reading, and don't be afraid to contact me for any reason, even if just to say hello!

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Treasures 08

This industrial-style clock table by Bliss Home & Design is absolutely stunning! I love the contrast between the shining metal ring around the face and the weathered patina texture of the legs.

Have you ever wondered what the Crystal Skull Vodka bottle would look like if it was a real person? Thanks to Swedish forensic artist, Nigel, who used facial reconstruction to develop this masterpiece, we have our answer. Click the image to view the full album on Facebook.

This necklace is absolutely perfect! I love how the interesting geometric shapes contrast with the natural turquoise, which is further accented by the pops of bright colors of the wooden beads. Click the image to view the listing, or visit WinstonGrady on Etsy for more unique jewelry designs!

Here are just two of many haunting surreal illustrations by artist Hannah Yata, which combine the softness and deep expressions of the human anatomy with the beauty and peculiarity of marine and wildlife.

These laser-cut metal wolf bookends at Storenvy are just plain adorable! If I had the set, I might try to pass it off as a fox. Just saying.

Thanks for checking in for another edition of Tuesday Treasures! Stop in again next week for more great finds!

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Favorite Craft Supplies: A to Z

I suppose it's needless to mention that I'm a craft-supply addict. I brake for beads and buttons, and have jars filled to the brim with them. My studio is stocked with scrap-booking and sewing supplies. The only thing that I might love more than working on a DIY project is shopping for the materials, so I thought I'd make a list of my favorite craft & studio supplies, from A to Z! Enjoy!

A - Acrylic rolling pin. If you've ever worked with polymer clay, then this basic tool is a must-have.
B - Bead crimper. Fellow beaders, how many times have you attempted to use a crimp tool in your jewelry designs, only to have it break and fall apart just as you thought you were done? A crimping tool won't keep it from ever happening again, but it'll definitely keep you from breaking 75% of your tubes.

CC Image courtesy of  styler*

C - Card-stock. Yes, the primary focus of my craft room is my card-making business, so you can bet I'm fully stocked. (please forgive my corny craft puns)
D - Double-sided foam tape. This is a great multipurpose item that doesn't cost a lot at all. Use them for hanging posters or adding a little dimension to greeting cards and scrapbook pages.
E - Embroidery floss. For embroidering practically anything, this stuff needs no introduction.

CC Image courtesy of Lorna Watt

F - Feathers. Ever since I was a little girl, I've had a love for feathers. I also had a dad who was really into Native American crafts, so they were always in abundance throughout my childhood.
G - Glue gun, a necessity for any household.

CC Image courtesy of _bekahhogue

H - Hole punches. Use shaped punches in cards and stationery, or punch simple holes to make confetti!
I - Ink markers. These are so handy for stamping and allow you to customize your stamps' color schemes in ways that typical ink pads just can't.
J - Jute twine. I love using twine for rustic decor hacks, but it's also durable enough for garden-work!

CC Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

K - Kraft paper. The stuff is super cheap and makes a great photo backdrop!
L - Lettering stamps. Great for card-making, as they can be used over and over again, and in any combination.

CC Image courtesy of cutetape

M - Mason jars are definitely the go-to supply for country decor projects and countless recipes.
N - Nippers. I love my adorable Gingher stork nippers. They're the prettiest!

CC Image courtesy of the_green_squirrel

O - Organizers. Studios can get cluttered and messy really quickly. Your ability to organize using randomly-discovered containers will become your greatest asset.
P - Paper trimmer. If you want to cut straight lines every single time, you need to invest in one of these.

CC Image courtesy of Tim & Stacy Fisher

Q - Q-tips make great little paintbrushes or cleaning tools and can be found literally anywhere.
R - Ribbon. In every color, width, and design, the versatility of ribbon knows no bounds.

CC Image courtesy of Steven Depolo

S - Scoring board by Martha Stewart. This little thing helps me to score straight lines, for perfectly folded cards every time.
T - Twine, especially baker's twine! You can find it in every color of the rainbow, and it really adds that little dash of whimsy to scrap-booking and card projects.

CC Image courtesy of Jessica F.

U - Utility knife. For all those things you never expected to need cutting, this tool will come in handy.

CC Image courtesy of Andy Mangold

V - Vise clamp. While I currently don't own one, a vise would be great for all the wood-working projects that I plan and never follow through with (perhaps due to lack of a vise clamp). *Update* My grandma read this post and sent me an amazing vise that used to belong to my dad, so I hope to be doing some more wood projects in the future!

CC Image courtesy of Alex

W - Washi tape. Oh, come on. It's just tape, but it also happens to have adorable patterns all over it.

CC Image courtesy of handmadewhimsy

X - X-Acto knife. This is my go-to precision cutting tool for paper, cardstock, and duct tape. Hands down.

CC Image courtesy of Andrew Fogg

Y - Yardstick. A super useful tool for hitting people who use your nice fabric shears for cutting paper.
Z - Zippers. Maybe because they're functional and fun, or maybe there's just nothing else that starts with Z.

CC Image courtesy of Erich Ferdinand

I hope you've enjoyed this list of my favorite craft supplies! Obviously, no two craft rooms will ever be stocked the same. This list is meant to reflect my own hobbies - sewing, beading, card-making, and sculpting in polymer clay - but what are your favorite go-to craft supplies?

P.S. - If you've enjoyed this post, please do me a solid and Pin the graphic below to your favorite crafty Pinterest board! Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Bucket List

Everybody dies. It's the one thing that we all have in common. As human beings, we also feel the call for something greater - a new place, experience, or state of mind. We all have these lingering aspirations just below our skin, quietly trying to manifest, these moments that humble and define us. Behind all of that, we are driven by the fear, the presentiment that we will never be the individuals that we aspire to be, never experience the romanticized greater somethings that we all believe we are truly destined for... that is, before that one thing that we all most certainly will experience - death.

And for this reason, we have bucket lists. For those of you who don't know by now, the "Bucket List" is a list of goals that you would ideally like to complete before you "kick the bucket".

Before now, I never particularly wanted to sit down and write a bucket list, as I thought that defining these little somethings that I want to complete someday would open up the windows of failure, and inevitably disappointment. However, I decided to write one anyway, because fear of failure should never stop me from dreaming, right? So let's lighten things up a bit, and get on with it. I introduce to you... my bucket list.

1. Climb to the top of a mountain.

CC Image courtesy of Thierry Gregorius

2. Buy a house.
3. Go kayaking.
4. Obtain a passport.

CC Image courtesy of Jon Rawlinson

5. Take a cross-country road trip.
6. Own a horse.

CC Image courtesy of Smabs Sputzer

7. Make a living off of my business.
8. Visit New Zealand & Ireland.

CC Images courtesy of Kay Adams & Daniele 

9. Do something for the good of humanity.
10. Live in the wild for 30 days.
11. Pet a jungle cat.

CC Image courtesy of  Cuatrok77

12. Hike the Appalachian Trail.
13. Learn to play guitar.
14. See a Sasquatch. 

CC Image courtesy of Steven Snodgrass

15. Learn to drive.
16. Get married. 

CC Image courtesy of Katsu Nojiri

17. Learn a new language.
18. Go surfing.
19. See the Aurora Borealis.

CC Image courtesy of Malcolm Manners

20. Go parasailing.
21. Go to a renaissance fair in costume. 

CC Image courtesy of elaynab

22. See Stonehenge.
23. Adopt a clean-eating lifestyle.
24. Buy an RV or mobile-home and take my business on the road. 

CC Image courtesy of kenjonbro

25. Win a Liebster award.
26. Observe ocean life from a submersible.

CC Image courtesy of NOAA Photo Library

At this time, I believe my bucket list is still incomplete, so I plan on updating the list annually. What's on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Treasures 07

Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Treasures! This gorgeous corset belt, handmade by Tiffany Laing, is inspired by the shape, color, and face of a mahogany violin.

If you've been keeping up with Tuesday Treasures, then you probably should have expected to see a teapot again soon. This is just one of many beautiful puzzle-inspired pieces by Art Leistman. Check out the galleries on his website for more great works of Art! (Ha! See what I did there?)

The following image is of a helix nebula nicknamed "The Eye of God". It was taken by the Hubble telescope. The white dot in the center of the eye will inevitably become a white dwarf star, while the gases that are emitted from the center heat and fluoresce, causing the colorful reddish-brown tones and framing this haunting eye shape. I honestly have a hard time ceasing to stare at this picture.

This Champagne Cocktails Dress is an up-and-coming piece from Modcloth that I just absolutely love! The pattern is so playful and the A-line shape is just perfect. If I didn't already buy a dress for the wedding I'm going to in March, I'd be impatiently waiting for this one to hit the shops!

The following prints were so adorable that I couldn't choose just one! These whimsical animal art prints are originals by professional artist Laura Sue, which you can purchase from her Etsy shop, Contemporary Earth Art, or view directly from her website,

Thanks for reading! Be sure to stop in again next week for another edition of Tuesday Treasures!

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