Monday, February 10, 2014

10 Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and, let's face it... there's not much time left to make reservations for an extravagant, glitzy get-together with your special someone before the holiday finds itself upon us. Or, maybe you're just the type that would rather enjoy a romantic evening in than a hot date out on the town. Either way, you're sure to find something in this list of stay-at-home date night ideas to fit the bill for your last-minute V-day rendezvous.

1. Plan a fancy dinner. You don't need to pay an arm and a leg for a romantic holiday dinner for two, so long as you plan your meal and buy your ingredients ahead of time. Throw some steaks on the grill and pick up a cheap bottle of wine!

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2. Camp out! To outdoorsy types, there's nothing more romantic than a night outside! But there's no need to worry about finding a camp site this time of year - stake up your tent in the yard! Enjoy a nice picnic, build a campfire, or set off some fireworks to make the night all the more enchanting.

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3. Camp in! So let's say you live in the suburbs, and don't have a backyard all to yourself. Maybe you don't even own a tent, or maybe it's too freaking cold this time of year to even consider it. That's quite alright! Just create one out of blankets on the living room floor! Any sort of pillow-and-blanket fort will do, as long as there's room for the two of you! You could even make a hammock out of blankets!

4. Theme night. If there's something special that you and your significant other are into, why not build your date night around that idea? Create a spacey theme by popping in some sci-fi movies and eating astronaut food; a Parisian theme with French films, baguettes & crème brûlée; or a zombie-themed night, with lots of zombie-related movies, the practicing of gory makeup effects, and spooky snacks so it looks like you're consuming body parts! Okay, maybe I went too far on that one...

5. Plan a vacation! Seriously, what's more romantic than planning your next trip to somewhere special? Spend the night sharing and learning from each other by discussing the places you'd most love to visit, or research interesting areas to explore while you're abroad!

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6. Complete a craft project together! This can literally mean anything. Make Valentines for each other, or create something that'll add a little flair to your decor! If you're like me and have a whole bunch of unfinished projects sitting around, you can use this as an excuse to recruit some help from your significant other. Regardless of what you decide to make together, you'll definitely have a bonding experience like no other, and be left with something with which to remember the night for years to come.

7. Treat your tummies to a foodie theme night. Pick a food that you both like (or have an excess of) and GO CRAZY! Here's an example using the awfully versatile (however not necessarily heart-healthy) American favorite that is bacon: Enjoy bread crumbs with bacon dip during a movie, follow up with bacon cheeseburgers for dinner, and chocolate-covered bacon for dessert!

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8. Spicy Love Coupons. To make this extra fun (and time-consuming), make your coupons together! Then spend your night however you wish, taking turns and using up your coupons as you see fit.

9. Enjoy a night on the roof. Get away from the kids (or anyone else that might be sucking up all your alone time) by sneaking out onto the rooftop. Enjoy the cool air, do some stargazing, and have plenty of meaningful conversations under the light of the moon.

10. Enjoy the weather! If you're living in the Northeast U.S., then you know it's been too freaking cold and snowy for too long now! Make the most of it by getting all bundled up, sledding down the nearest hill, and chucking snowballs at each other! Then warm up under some blankets with hot cocoa, coffee, or soup!

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