Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Favorite Craft Supplies: A to Z

I suppose it's needless to mention that I'm a craft-supply addict. I brake for beads and buttons, and have jars filled to the brim with them. My studio is stocked with scrap-booking and sewing supplies. The only thing that I might love more than working on a DIY project is shopping for the materials, so I thought I'd make a list of my favorite craft & studio supplies, from A to Z! Enjoy!

A - Acrylic rolling pin. If you've ever worked with polymer clay, then this basic tool is a must-have.
B - Bead crimper. Fellow beaders, how many times have you attempted to use a crimp tool in your jewelry designs, only to have it break and fall apart just as you thought you were done? A crimping tool won't keep it from ever happening again, but it'll definitely keep you from breaking 75% of your tubes.

CC Image courtesy of  styler*

C - Card-stock. Yes, the primary focus of my craft room is my card-making business, so you can bet I'm fully stocked. (please forgive my corny craft puns)
D - Double-sided foam tape. This is a great multipurpose item that doesn't cost a lot at all. Use them for hanging posters or adding a little dimension to greeting cards and scrapbook pages.
E - Embroidery floss. For embroidering practically anything, this stuff needs no introduction.

CC Image courtesy of Lorna Watt

F - Feathers. Ever since I was a little girl, I've had a love for feathers. I also had a dad who was really into Native American crafts, so they were always in abundance throughout my childhood.
G - Glue gun, a necessity for any household.

CC Image courtesy of _bekahhogue

H - Hole punches. Use shaped punches in cards and stationery, or punch simple holes to make confetti!
I - Ink markers. These are so handy for stamping and allow you to customize your stamps' color schemes in ways that typical ink pads just can't.
J - Jute twine. I love using twine for rustic decor hacks, but it's also durable enough for garden-work!

CC Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

K - Kraft paper. The stuff is super cheap and makes a great photo backdrop!
L - Lettering stamps. Great for card-making, as they can be used over and over again, and in any combination.

CC Image courtesy of cutetape

M - Mason jars are definitely the go-to supply for country decor projects and countless recipes.
N - Nippers. I love my adorable Gingher stork nippers. They're the prettiest!

CC Image courtesy of the_green_squirrel

O - Organizers. Studios can get cluttered and messy really quickly. Your ability to organize using randomly-discovered containers will become your greatest asset.
P - Paper trimmer. If you want to cut straight lines every single time, you need to invest in one of these.

CC Image courtesy of Tim & Stacy Fisher

Q - Q-tips make great little paintbrushes or cleaning tools and can be found literally anywhere.
R - Ribbon. In every color, width, and design, the versatility of ribbon knows no bounds.

CC Image courtesy of Steven Depolo

S - Scoring board by Martha Stewart. This little thing helps me to score straight lines, for perfectly folded cards every time.
T - Twine, especially baker's twine! You can find it in every color of the rainbow, and it really adds that little dash of whimsy to scrap-booking and card projects.

CC Image courtesy of Jessica F.

U - Utility knife. For all those things you never expected to need cutting, this tool will come in handy.

CC Image courtesy of Andy Mangold

V - Vise clamp. While I currently don't own one, a vise would be great for all the wood-working projects that I plan and never follow through with (perhaps due to lack of a vise clamp). *Update* My grandma read this post and sent me an amazing vise that used to belong to my dad, so I hope to be doing some more wood projects in the future!

CC Image courtesy of Alex

W - Washi tape. Oh, come on. It's just tape, but it also happens to have adorable patterns all over it.

CC Image courtesy of handmadewhimsy

X - X-Acto knife. This is my go-to precision cutting tool for paper, cardstock, and duct tape. Hands down.

CC Image courtesy of Andrew Fogg

Y - Yardstick. A super useful tool for hitting people who use your nice fabric shears for cutting paper.
Z - Zippers. Maybe because they're functional and fun, or maybe there's just nothing else that starts with Z.

CC Image courtesy of Erich Ferdinand

I hope you've enjoyed this list of my favorite craft supplies! Obviously, no two craft rooms will ever be stocked the same. This list is meant to reflect my own hobbies - sewing, beading, card-making, and sculpting in polymer clay - but what are your favorite go-to craft supplies?

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  1. I am not a crafter, but this a great resource for those that want to start out :)

  2. Well I'm not a 'crafter' person but that sure was a fun, colorful, and interesting Post!

    1. Thanks so much, Peggy! I'm glad to hear it. :)

  3. I'm not a craft person either but I know where to come if I ever wanna start thanks

  4. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog post from a pin on Pinterest. I saw you listed feathers and I want to start working with them. Where is the best place to purchase them? I'm in the US. Thanks!

    1. Hey Ashley! Unfortunately I don't know exactly where to get feathers for a good price anymore; as I said, they were just something my parents always had around for their own crafts when I was young.

      I'll be doing some research on this in the near future and will let you know what I find though! Thanks for reading! :)