Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday Treasures 05

This handmade necklace is absolutely lovely! I'm loving everything about it - from the gold-specked bright red beads, to the little sparrow & leaf charms, the floral cameo, and the bronze finish. You can find even more modestly-priced brilliant bridal jewelry at Marolsha on Etsy!

I'm one of those folks that just loves being barefoot. I love the feel of fresh grass on the bottom of my feet, digging my toes into soft beach sand, stepping on moss, and just running around at inopportune times without my shoes on. If you're one of those crazy types who loves the outdoors and feeling it on the bottom of your feet, then this real, living moss bath mat by Nguyen La Chanh is perfect.

This dress from Urban Outfitters is absolutely stunning. Gray is one of my favorite neutrals of all time, plus the subtle pattern, soft shoulder cut-outs, and lovely shape of this dress make it pretty darn perfect to me.

This adorable ceramic sculpture is by French designers Godeleine and Natasha of Etsy shop Coco et Pompon! I just love his cute little antlers and curious little face!

Last but not least, this snowy owl chick portrait by Steve Brace on Flickr is so adorable, I'm at a loss for words. No, really. Just stare at its cute face with me for awhile...

Thanks for stopping in for yet another episode of Tuesday Treasures! Here's hoping that you too have discovered something wonderful this week!

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