Friday, March 14, 2014

DIY All-Natural Health & Beauty Recipes (Part Two: Cosmetics)

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Hey, folks! Today's post is the second portion of a 3-part feature! If you're just joining us now, be sure to stop over and check out Part I: Ingredients! If you've already done that, then congratulations! You only need to read through a few more of my rambling introductory paragraphs to get to the good stuff!

In Part Two of my DIY All-Natural Health & Beauty series, I'll be discussing the bread and butter of any beauty routine - the makeup! If you're like me, then perhaps you've found yourself pretty fed up with the amount of parabens and unnatural toxins & chemicals found in your makeup, and you're looking for a wonderful do-it-yourself alternative.

Well, look no further! In this post I'll be linking you to some of the best blogs that provide tried-and-true all-natural beauty recipes for your own cosmetic detox, neatly sorted by product type. First, let's get your face covered.

Original CC image courtesy of Matt Trostle

Foundations & Mineral Veils:
All Natural Homemade Foundation at Thank Your Body
DIY All Natural Mineral Foundation by Tara Mackey at My Organic Life
DIY: Mineral Veil Face Powder by Reese Kistel
Homemade Foundation Powder by Kristin at Live Simply
DIY Natural Powder Foundation at A Blossoming Life
DIY All Natural Pressed Powder Foundation at A Blossoming Life

DIY Herbal Concealer (parts 1 & 2) at Back Roads Beauty
DIY Healing Concealer at Humble Bee & Me*
Touche Éclat - Let's Make Our Own by LisaLise*

(*Concealer recipes marked with a star contain titanium dioxide, which is all-natural, but may be a known carcinogen. At this time the topic is under debate.)

Natural Blush Makeup Recipe by Wellness Mama
All Natural Homemade Blush at Thank Your Body
DIY Homemade Blush at One Good Thing by Jillee
DIY Homemade Blush at Live Simply
Easy DIY Beet Blush & Lip Gloss: 3 Ways at Yum Universe
Powdered Blush or Bronzer Recipe at From Nature With Love

Original CC image courtesy of Jerine Lay

Eye Shadow:
All Natural Homemade Eye-Shadow Recipe at Thank Your Body
How to Make Cream Eye-Shadow at Soap Deli News
Pumpkin Shimmer Eye-Shadow Recipe at Witch-Blog
Powdered Eye Shadow Recipe at From Nature With Love
How to Make Eye-Shadow at Makeup Notebook

Eye Liner:
Homemade Non-Toxic Eye Liner by The Coconut Mama
DIY Natural & Non-Toxic Black Eyeliner at Beauty by Britanie
Eye Liner Recipe at From Nature With Love

All Natural Homemade Mascara at Thank Your Body
DIY Natural Clay Mascara at Humblebee & Me
DIY All-Natural Mascara +5 Homemade Mascara Reviews at Natural News Blogs
DIY Homemade Cake Mascara at Team EcoEtsy

Original CC image courtesy of JFXie

Homemade Natural Lipstick Recipe at Wellness Mama (with lots of color options)
Red Velvet Lipstick at Humblebee & Me

Mint Chocolate Lip Gloss at Food+Words
DIY Lip Gloss at dōTerra Everyday

Hemp Honey Lip Balm at Garden Therapy
Lip Balm Recipe at Beautylish
DIY Beauty Bar - Make Your Own Lip Balm at Autostraddle (with flavor ideas)
Natural Tinted Lip Balm Recipe at Wellness Mama

Sheer Lip Color Recipe at From Nature With Love

Original CC image courtesy of Kate Hiscock

Hairspray is another product that's typically laden with unknown fragrances, as well as other chemicals that may be just as bad for you as they are for the environment. Many of the active ingredients in modern hairsprays have yet to be tested for carcinogens, so at this time it's unknown if the usage of these products can be linked to cancer. Unless, of course, you make these products yourself, using all-natural ingredients that you know and trust.

Homemade Natural Hairspray at DIY Natural
Homemade Alcohol-Free Hairspray That Works at Whole New Mom

Texturizing Spray:
DIY Coconut Lime Beach Waves Hair Spray by The Hippy Homemaker
DIY Beach Waves Sea Salt Texturizing Spray by Wellness Mama

Hair Serums:
How to Make Your Own Hair Serum at Natural Hair Recipes

DIY All-Natural Pomade That Rocks by The Hippy Homemaker
Homemade Natural Hairspray Recipe by Wellness Mama
Make Your Own Natural Hair-Styling Products at The Hairpin

Homemade Herbal Hair Dye at DIY Natural
All-Natural Herbal Hair Color Recipes at Wellness Mama
DIY Red or Dark Hair Naturally: 5 Ways at Organic Authority

I would like to end by strongly suggesting that you do your own research to find out which of these recipes will work out for you. Really, no two bodies are the same, and everyone reacts differently to certain ingredients; only you can know what does and doesn't work with your skin type.

In addition, there are new scientific studies every day that are discovering more and more harmful toxins that are being distributed throughout the general public, and not just via the cosmetic industry. The only way to stay safe from these substances is to continually investigate and keep an eye out for new ingredients that are making their way into your beauty products, and make a concerned effort to use safe, all-natural ingredients every day.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to stop by tomorrow for Part III: Hygiene & Hair Care! If you know of any all-natural beauty recipes that aren't on this list, feel free to share them in the comments below!