Thursday, April 17, 2014

7 Beautiful Backyard & Garden Projects

Each Spring since we've moved onto this beautiful property, I've told myself that this was going to be the year that I get my hands dirty, the year that I'll finally start growing something and creating something beautiful in the messy little backyard-patio area just outside the door of my basement lair. While we've got a bit more yard-work to do to make this area into something I'd call somewhat pretty, I can't help but dream of all the beautiful things I'd love to grow and do in my humble little backyard area once I've cultivated my green thumb. Here are some of these daydreams in the form of a cute little list:

Grow lettuce in a wine barrel.

Stephanie at Garden Therapy has a great way of growing a lot of lettuce while keeping it safe from slugs and pests! Now I just need to find a wine barrel that's still intact...

Grow a framed succulent garden.

Succulents are pretty darn gorgeous as it is, but have been known to spread and get out of control at times. By growing and hanging them in a pretty frame, you can keep them from spilling into the rest of your garden, while showing them the appreciation that a work of art deserves!

Line the outside of the garden in a fence of tall flowers.

CC image by floato / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Since the area I'm working with shares an edge with a wide open field, it would be really awesome to line the backyard by creating the illusion of a fence with tall flowers, such as sunflowers or the delphiniums pictured above!

Paint that unsightly propane tank.

It just so happens that right outside the back door is a hugemongous propane tank, and let's face it - there aren't enough pretty flowers in the world to disguise that thing. I could easily make it into something that's beautiful enough to want to look at, like this gorgeous propane tank above, painted by muralist Jason Luper.

Add a walkway of stepping stones. 

In the fall, the backyard is a trap for all sorts of leaves and sticks, plus remnants of firewood that we store outside, making the ground a soft, uneven mess. This year, we've discussed leveling the ground and creating a path from the back door; I think these adorable leaf-shaped stones would look phenomenal!

Install an adorable hammock.

This colorful one-person hammock by Cailagua Hammocks would add a beautiful handmade touch outside! Of course, if I were to get a hammock it'd have to be big enough to share with Brad, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Decorate with cute little planters.

CC image by essie / CC BY 2.0

Finally, my favorite method of this tiny little backyard my own would be to decorate it with adorable, kitschy planters and fill them with a variety of little green beauties!

How would you spruce up your small-scale garden, and what plants would you recommend for a gardener that's just starting out? For more ideas, be sure to follow my Garden & Patio Inspiration board on Pinterest! Thanks for reading!

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