Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Treasures 12

Hello again, readers! I'm so happy that Tuesday Treasures is finally back! I really got into a blogging funk after my vacation and found myself having a hard time getting inspired, but I feel like getting this post published has already been a great start to a more motivated workweek!

To those of you who are new readers, hi! Tuesday Treasures is my weekly feature in which I share some amazing and inspiring things I've found around the web. I hope you enjoy it!

This handmade ceramic teapot is absolutely gorgeous! I love the seahorse handle, of course, but mimicking these textures on the spout and knob make this piece a unique and cohesive work of art. You can purchase this pretty teapot and other creative nautical- and texture-inspired pieces at Sky Bird Arts on Etsy!

The following pieces are by embroidery artist and bag designer Yumiko Higuchi and they are STUNNING. I absolutely love items with such a unique hand-worked touch. There are three galleries of amazing works at her website, YumikoHiguchi.com.

This is a photo of Tippi Degre, a young French girl who was raised by her parents among African tribes and wildlife. She has recently shared her story and many more beautiful photographs taken by her parents of her one-of-a-kind childhood in her book, Tippi: My Book of Africa.

With all the wedding-planning ideas I have floating around in my head, I'm not surprised that this gorgeous nature-themed cake from Abigail & Lisa's wedding on RockNRoll Bride made it onto Tuesday Treasures. I love every little detail, from the realistic bark textures, to the cute little mushrooms, and even having their initials "carved" into the top tier of the tree stump!

These feather plugs for stretched ears are so adorable! It's so hard to find attractive and feminine designs for gauged ears, but these handmade beauties by Mylia of Chrysalism on Etsy have me swooning.

Thanks for stopping in for my first edition of Tuesday Treasures in far too long! What's your favorite find this week?

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