Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Treasures 13

This bird-shaped magnifying glass is SO freaking adorable! You can find this (as well as a cute turtle-shaped magnifier) at Rustic Pearl!

It may be the first time I've featured any sort of drink concoction on Tuesday Treasures, but I just couldn't resist! This Green Gargoyle, as seen in Savory Cocktails by Greg Henry (and featured on Garden Therapy), seems like the perfect savory blend of hot and cold flavors. I'm pretty excited to try this green guy out myself!

This gorgeous globe fire pit is made of quarter-inch thick carbon steel and created by Rick Wittrig and it is beautiful. You can buy one for yourself if you happen to have around $1700 lying around for that sort of thing.

This is an outfit of Molla Mills, and it was so cute that I just had to share it. I found the image on Pinterest, but I managed to trace it back to Hel Looks, a fashion blog based in Helsinki, Finland. I literally spent hours just browsing all of the portraits of beautiful people on this blog when I found it, so I hope you enjoy it, too! You can learn more about her specific outfit by clicking on the image below:

Our final featured treasures are chandeliers by artist and designer Adam Wallacavage. If you thought I'd post another edition of Tuesday Treasures without a few tentacles, you were wrong. Check out these beauties:

Thanks for reading, and be sure to stop in every Tuesday for more wonderful finds!

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