Thursday, May 22, 2014

Discipline & Harmony

CC image by Jenny Downing

Hey, readers! I just wanted to say that I thank you greatly for the time that you spend reading my blog! I know that I have habits of posting inconsistently, that I've been rather uninspired since losing my camera prior to my vacation, and have allowed the Blog of Brittanibus to become rather desolate in the meantime.

In addition, I've managed to get a part-time job, which may at times keep me from posting as regularly as I'd like to. Okay, let's face it... I've had plenty of free time to get my blogging done, but honestly I've been having a hard time finding the self-discipline to make this blog as amazing as it should be, and I'm ashamed.

Still, I'd like to say thanks again for putting up with me! I feel that in finding this new job that I'll be even more motivated to try to make a living doing what I love to do rather than what I have to do. So while the time that I've spent away from work has made me a crazy-lazy-bones, I am definitely trying to push myself harder and harder to make my dreams a reality, and to really prioritize and put more of my effort into making my online shop more profitable, and that will unfortunately overshadow my blog at times.

And so, if you hang around for awhile, I promise to shower you with more DIYs and outfit posts, as I have long envisioned my blog to be comprised of, as well as some super-awesome wedding-related stuff (in the near-to-distant future, 'cause the really cool wedding details are still under wraps at this time. I'm sure you can understand). Anywho, thanks again for reading and sticking with me through my moments of disarray! You're the greatest!

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