Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday Treasures 15

This dress is amazingly stunning! I love everything about it - from the pretty bright canary yellow color to the tiny little black and white hearts printed all over it! This dress was once available for sale at a shop owned by Solanah Hernandez; while it's no longer available, you can see more of Solanah's wonderful vintage finds at her shop, Le Mew Vintage.

I love this simple and gorgeous framed floral monogram by Paige! The flowers are arranged so perfectly, and I love the big, beautiful frame! Best of all, you can find the full step-by-step tutorial over on The Mrs. & Momma Bird!

Next, I've absolutely fallen in love with this gorgeous bookshelf makeover by Kristen of Kristen F. Davis Designs! She's found such an amazingly beautiful family heirloom and whitewashed it to a wonderfully soft finish that's fits so perfectly in the nursery for which she designed it.

The following images are of some awesome hand-painted figurines by Jessica Harrison! While I've seen many porcelain figurines of dainty women in dresses, I love how completely bad-ass these ladies are, showing off their tattoos and wearing romantic ball gowns all at the same time.

This gorgeous piece of furniture is titled "Specimen Chest". It was created by Austin Heltzman and nominated for a NICHE Award in 2014 for furniture and cabinetry, and I'm absolutely intrigued! I love its captivating shape and seeming lack of function.

Thanks for stopping in for another edition of Tuesday Treasures! Come back next Tuesday for more amazing handmade and vintage finds!

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