Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lost River Caverns

Hey, folks! Today I'd like to share some photos of my tour of the Lost River Caverns in Hellertown, PA. 

Before the tour begins, visitors are welcome to browse the Gilman Museum for free. The museum is fairly small, but consists of a wall lined with cabinet after cabinet of interesting items, from antique weaponry and mining tools to a wide variety of rocks, minerals, and fossils, such as those seen in the photo below.

Of course, we couldn't leave the museum without photographing the coprolite, discovered right there in Hellertown! I also have to make a note of the cute little trilobite at the top of the photo!

Also in the museum is a small collection of tiny, antique sewing machines! The Little Comfort, seen below, I happened to find especially adorable!

Here's a shot of a few more of the sewing machines at the museum! I love these old and beautiful pieces!

Once in the cave, I tried to take only a few photos so as not to hold up the tour. The photo below is of a large, bulbous formation that is said to look like a turtle, although my photo certainly doesn't do it justice. The focus for me was the bright green coloring and all of the interesting textures seen here.

In the center of the photo below, you can see a 'pillar', which occurs when stalactite and stalagmite grow and grow over time until eventually meeting at the tips and forming together.

The plaque below reads "Crystal Chapel". The 'room' in which this was taken was used in the 1800s by locals for summer square dancing because of the constant 52° temperature, but what's even more interesting is the fact that they eventually turned the cave into a chapel for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take many great shots of the inside of the cave, as the lighting was pretty bad (as I should have expected) and also because I've been stuck with Brad's cell phone camera since I lost mine right before we left for our vacation in March.

Because the cave has only a single entrance, our tour ended right where it began. Once we reached the end, we had the opportunity to browse the souvenir and rock shop, where we discovered that they have an awesome selection of jewelry-making supplies! I would certainly visit the Lost River Caverns again, this time bringing some spending money for the gem and jewelry shop! Thanks for reading!

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