Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday Treasures 17

I really adore these beautifully-crafted wrought iron gates by blacksmith Paul Gilbert! I especially love the way he's taken a centuries-old craft to a new level and created something both functional and stunning. There are so many more pieces to check out over on his website, where you can purchase some for yourself!

This gorgeous dress was handmade by Tracy in Wuhan, China. Tracy has been creating her own designs since 2007, and this piece is a perfect example of her unique Eastern- and nature-inspired style. You can find more of her original designs and place your own custom order at her Etsy shop, Camelliatune.

These decorative buttons from Bombus are absolutely gorgeous, and each one is handmade using scraps of vintage maps!

These amazing works of embroidery are by German textile artist Rita Zepf. The erratically-strewn threads remind me of the back of a finished embroidery canvas, creating a similar ethereal quality throughout each piece. You can find even more over on her blog, Textil Kunst.

These pretty papier-mâché birdies were made by blogger Pam Garrison for her Etsy shop back in 2009. Aren't they adorable?!

Thanks for stopping by for another episode of Tuesday Treasures! Check in each Tuesday for more of my favorite creative, handmade, and vintage finds!
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