Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Treasures 18

I love these handmade ceramic bowls by Liz Aldag of The Lulu Bird! The little clouds sprinkled all over them are so cute and whimsical!

This beautiful vintage-inspired dress from Modcloth is so pretty! The adorable fan-shaped lace pattern and matching little white belt contrast wonderfully with the soft black body of the dress.

This gorgeous girl is an illustration by Taiwanese digital artist Hsiao-Ron Cheng. I love the way her floral crown, worn over her eyes, appears to become a part of her rather than a simple accessory. I could stare at her for hours...

These beautiful beasties are original works by Australian artist and illustrator Emma Kidd. Each posable figure is entirely unique and perfectly imagined. You can even buy a kit to make your very own at her Etsy shop, BenConservato!

This octopus pipe is carved from briar-wood by Cecilia Arnqvist, also known as earfox on DeviantArt, and it is stunning! The detail is absolutely exquisite, and the inlayed amber eyes are just perfect! Cecilia is a prop-maker and multimedia artist from Sweden with an impressive body of work. Go check out her gallery on DA!

Thanks for stopping in for Tuesday Treasures, where every week I love to share my favorite handmade and vintage-inspired finds! Stop in next week for more!

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