Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday Treasures 19

This is just one of Stefan Zsaitsits' amazing surreal portraits! I could browse galleries of his drawings for hours, getting lost in the details of each & every one.

The wonderful lacescape table is designed by Miro Roman & Luka Vlahović, and each is an entirely unique work of art, carefully calculated from designs based on traditional Croatian lace. You can see how each one is made by clicking the image below.

I love this adorable watercolor calico by Kelly Bermudez! You can find more of her original prints over at her Etsy shop!

Look, with your special eyes! These kaleidoscope glasses by Beautiful Dreamers are so cool! Although I doubt they're really all that useful...

I'm loving this crazy-cute vintage farm skirt, discovered by Nico of Rad Rat Vintage! The little cows and rolling hills are just perfect!

Thanks for reading this week's edition of Tuesday Treasures! Be sure to check in each Tuesday for a weekly collection of vintage and handmade finds!

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