Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Birthday Wishlist

I can't keep it a secret - tomorrow's my birthday! Yeah, I know it's Independence Day, and it's true that people comment all the time about how awesome it must be to always get to watch fireworks on my birthday. Allow me to set the record straight. It is. You  may continue being jealous.

Anyway, let's get to the point. It's safe to say that the items you'll see today are either things I actually need or want really badly, at least to some degree. First and foremost, I absolutely need a hairdryer for my birthday, and while we're at it, it'd be pretty damn nice if it was shaped like a 357 Magnum!

I've also been pining for these Omerica Organic plugs for awhile now, which have holes drilled especially for attaching dangle earrings!

When I first saw this dress, it was love at first sight! This gorgeous checkered A-line is handmade by a mother-daughter team in Thailand known as Amordress! I shouldn't have to mention that it's covered in cute kitties!

I'd love to have these non-stick Fiskars scissors for paper-crafting! Right now I use an old pair of shears, but I would love something that's made to cut right through stickers and adhesives!

This skirt is amazing, from the light, flowing material to the little leaping foxes! I've recently come to the realization that all the skirts I own are trashy minis from my high school days that I haven't gotten rid of yet, but I would donate them all in a heartbeat if only I had this beauty...

Thanks for reading my birthday wishlist!

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