Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday Treasures 21

These beautiful pieces are by freelance illustrator Tanya Pshenychny, and available for purchase from her studio, Razorberries! Tanya also writes and illustrates for her online magazine, IllustrArticles, featuring "illustrated articles about important stuff".

I need this top in my life! It's lacy and beautiful, and bright green just seems to be my favorite color this summer!

This mossy-colored aquamarine and gold-accented ring is absolutely stunning, and the cute little wisteria leaf motif at the bottom is so cute! It's one of many original handmade pieces by Melanie Casey Jewelry.

This pretty floral ceramic deer sculpture is adorable, and those big bright eyes are even a little haunting! This one-of-a-kind beauty was sculpted and hand-painted by Sarah Constantino and is available in her Etsy shop, sewZinski.

I want this lacy 'now or never' clock in my craft studio immediately! What a beautiful and positive motivator!

Thanks for reading Tuesday Treasures, where each week I release a new curated list of handmade and vintage-inspired finds from around the web! Stop in next Tuesday for more!
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