Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday Treasures 22

I've recently discovered these topography & river-inspired tables by designer Greg Klassen, and they are absolutely amazing! I love the contrast of the bright blue glass on the natural wood finish. Check out his gallery for more captivating furniture art!

This hieroglyphic-covered vintage circle skirt is so entrancing! Each character was hand-painted in Mexico in the 1950s! This beauty was discovered by and can be found at the Etsy shop of Geronimo Vintage.

I love this photograph! Taken by Jenna Bumgardner, this pretty lady with temporarily-tatted hands is just plain wondrous! You can buy a print of this photo for yourself, titled Kara's Hands.

These animals and fungi are by textile artist and author, Mister Finch. I love the inconsistent, possibly-watercolored spots in the fox's & rabbit's fur, as well as the general rough-around-the-edges feel of his works. See more of his creations at his blog, My Name is Finch!

This pretty draped trumpet-dress is absolutely gorgeous! It's listed as an alternative wedding dress, and while it may not fit my intended wedding theme very well, I can absolutely imagine how beautiful someone might feel walking down the aisle in this baby! Each of these beautiful gowns is handmade by Ting & Jojo of Ting Bridal and can be made in any colors!

Thanks for reading Tuesday Treasures; I hope you've enjoyed this week's collection of vintage and handmade finds! Stop in next Tuesday for more!

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