Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday Treasures 26

Thanks for stopping in for this week's edition of Tuesday Treasures, a weekly curated list of handmade and vintage-inspired finds from around the web!

This adorable fennec fox sculpture was carefully stitched together and painted by mixed media artist Anne Lemanski. Fennec foxes are incredibly cute as it is, but she's made this one even more interesting to look at by creatively adorning it with stars and constellations!

This beautiful brass bracelet is just one of many gorgeous handmade jewelry pieces by Heather of My Selvaged Life! I love the bright blue patina that perfectly colors in the leaves on the bracelet's cuff!

This Wild Dog print is absolutely remarkable! Created by digital artist Corinne Reid, it is based on a short story from the book "Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio" by Pu Songling.

I absolutely adore this gorgeous speckled wall! Fortunately, designer and blogger Gaby has the full tutorial over on The Vault Files!

Although beautiful when worn individually, these three mountain rings are incredibly striking when stacked! They were created by designer and UK-native Clive Roddy, as well as similar sets of tree or house rings, which can be mismatched to customize a new little scene every day!

I'd sure hate to get punched by someone wearing those! Anyway, thanks for reading, and be sure to come back next Tuesday to discover more treasures!

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  1. That fox is amazing!! Thanks for the fun eye candy :) - Jen Allyson from TheProjectGirl.com

  2. I'm loving that speckled wall! I wish I could pull that off in my own house. The bracelet is beautiful too!
    Karen @ Book Delight

    1. Me too! Everyone needs a patterned wall in their life! ;)