Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday Treasures 33

Thanks for stopping by for Tuesday Treasures, my weekly collection of favorite finds from around the web! Be sure to put up your feet and stay awhile!

These painted storage dishes by Alice of Thoughts From Alice are so cute! I love seeing everyday thrift store finds resurrected in beautiful ways, and I especially adore the way she's taken something I would have interpreted as a leaf and transformed it into a feather with very subtle details. You can find the full tutorial on the blog of Jennifer Rizzo, or by clicking on the image below!

Trust me on this one: you need an alpaca in your life. Whether he's wearing a cute little saddle, shaved like a poodle, or dressed up in a bouquet of flowers like this guy below, you can find the handcrafted camelid of your dreams at Cat Rabbit Plush.

These nail designs are freaking awesome! My nail art attempts always end up looking like they've been fingerpainted on (no pun intended), but if you'd like to try these out for yourself, the tutorial is up on So Nailicious.

You know you've discovered a truly talented artist when you can't pull your eyes away from her illustrations. These are just a few of the surreal pretties by Whooli Chen that could keep me captured for hours.

I love this floral pendant by Ruby Robin Boutique! Handmade by shop owner Kay Bells using real Irish wildflowers, each piece of jewelry in the shop is a unique celebration of the everyday beauty found in nature.

Thanks for reading! If you missed last week's issue of Tuesday Treasures, you can check it out right here!

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  1. Love those painted dishes and the necklace! So unique and pretty!