Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bake Sale & Benefit for Samantha & Sandra

Hi, folks! Today I'm writing about a matter very near and dear to my heart. A good friend of mine asked me to help out by sharing this event, so if you're in the northeastern Pennsylvania area, please find the time to stop by and show your support! All proceeds of the bake sale will benefit her family's many medical expenses, and will help them to have two trees removed that are negatively affecting her sister's health. You can read more about the event on their Facebook page. If you're interested in attending, the bake sale starts TODAY and will continue until Sunday, October 19th. Hot food and drinks will be provided, as well as face-painting on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 3 - 7 PM.

The page event reads:
We are going to have a bake sale at our house (146 Slocum Street) that will run from Wednesday October 15th until Sunday October 19th. Hours of operation will be 8am until dusk. It will be located in the back yard which is across from Fortis Institute parking lot. The bake sale will also provide hot food, coffee, and other beverages.

If you are not in the area, the family has set up an account with GoFundMe to accept donations for this cause, which you can find here. Any small token of generosity would be greatly appreciated.

We are currently in a situation where we need to remove two trees in order to make sure my sister's health stops decreasing. She has two lung diseases and the trees are making it hard for her to breathe as well as live a normal life. From being exposed to the trees it has resulted in a new skin disorder which a dermatologist at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center ordered that the trees need to be removed. My mother has done the proper steps of filling out applications for the Shade Tree Committee as well as proving the medical problems through multiple doctors and representatives.

The proceeds will benefit the expenses of medical treatment as well as the removal of the two trees in front of 146 and 134 Slocum Street. If you are able to help us with getting the word out through any form of social media or stop by and grab a treat, it would be so deeply appreciated. Thank you very much for listening to our story.

The story is of Samantha, who has had a lifelong history of hydrocephalus and many additional medical concerns as a result. This post includes images that may be difficult for some users to view.

My sister, Samantha, is 24 years old and suffers from Hydrocephalus which is a medical problem that she has had from birth and will continue battling for the rest of her life where the fluid in one's brain does not flow properly so it gets trapped in different ventricles. She has five shunts throughout her brain and lumbar that work to drain the fluid either into her heart or stomach depending on the moment. Currently it's draining into the stomach to give her heart a rest but a few years back, while draining into her stomach, it caused a large pseudo-cyst which caused permanent damage to the arteries in her legs leaving her in a wheel chair.

She also suffers from grand mal seizures, severe short term memory loss, and mental delays from the areas of the brain that are constantly worked on. . She also has two lung diseases, as I've stated, that are getting more severe as time passes. She actually just was able to come home from the Hershey Medical Center last night (October 9) after spending a week on oxygen and going through four brain surgeries which results in a total of 144 brain surgeries to date. She also has a newly forming skin disorder that a dermatologist recognized while at the Hershey Medical Center this past week where she had four more brain surgeries and oxygen treatment.

This is why we need to remove the trees to help her medical issues from increasing. She has numerous clotting issues; inner cranial in her brain, throughout her sinus cavity, and surrounding vessels around her heart where they enter to drain the shunts. Normally they like to have it drain in the belly, but due to complications in 2006 it developed a pseudo cyst in the belly on her left side. At that same time she had an unexplained damage to her legs which she requires a wheelchair due to circulation problem of some sort where if she walks (with assistance) more than a few steps, her legs become dark purple. She also still suffers the consequences of a shunt infection from the beginning of March which is pancreatitis which is very painful.

My mom, Sandra, also suffers from multiple illnesses that also cannot be treated locally. My mom suffers from ulcerative colitis where she required surgery in 1999 and 2007 on her intestines and rectum. The only intestines left that she has is a small amount of her small bowel. She has no rectum from the severity of the ulcerative colitis. She actually needs a revision soon since she is suffering from a lot of problems currently. With the condition, it makes her more vulnerable to infection and she has developed osteoarthritis that resulted in spinal stenosis in her neck and disk herniation in her lumbar spine. She had neurosurgery September of last year in her neck where they had to take out the broken and deteriorated bones and add titanium to her neck to keep the bones in place as well as a bone transplant from a cadaver. This has left her with trouble reading, writing, and using the computer to get this message out. All of the surgeries mentioned were at the Penn State Hershey medical center as well.

They both have been going back and forth countless times just this year. My mom is also stuck in a situation that she has to live with more chronic pain than listed due to needing a hysterectomy documented at the Hershey medical center with their testing. They tried to do the surgery but weren't able to do it due to severe adhesions throughout her whole abdomen that are surrounding her organs. The doctor spent four hours pulling adhesions during surgery at Hershey laproscopically and he was able to see her small bowel being held down by the adhesions which makes it hard to digest food. My moms blood pressure was running too low so they were forced to close her up. The doctor advised my mom during another visit that they will not be able to do the surgery until her colorectal issues are resolved. Meanwhile Samantha keeps having issues so everything is getting delayed."

If you live in northeastern PA, please check out the event page on Facebook, and share it with your friends if you are unable to attend. If you are considering donating money to help Samantha and Sandra, you can do so on their fundraiser page at GoFundMe. Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this story.

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