Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday Treasures 36

Thanks for stopping by for this edition of Tuesday Treasures! If this is your first visit, Tuesday Treasures is my weekly collection of favorite finds from around the web! In this series, I like to showcase unique handmade creations, interesting art pieces, fashion finds, and craft tutorials by some really great bloggers! Enjoy!

This cute little galaxy-print-painted bear, by Danielle Pederson of Handy Maiden, looks so happy and gentle that I can't imagine anyone being sad while wearing this gorgeous handmade pendant around.

I love the wonderfully intricate detail found in the needle-felted creatures of Yvonne's Workshop. Not only are they amazingly realistic, but I never thought I'd ever see spiders and snails that are just so darn cute!

Not only do I need a bottle-opener like this in my life right now - this guy is just too adorable to say no to! I think I love him.

I really love anatomical and nature-inspired surreal art, so you can imagine that this gorgeous print by Society6 user Huebucket caught my eye! I love the mosaic-like texture of the leaves that make up the ribcage!

This vintage German trilby hat from the 1970s, discovered at The Vintage Hat Co., looks an awful lot like my vintage trilby, but I especially like the way it's embellished with a rope band and knot!

Thanks for stopping in this week! If you missed any previous issues of Tuesday Treasures, feel free to check them out right here. See you next week!

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    1. Thanks, Paola! Love your blog and followed you on Bloglovin!