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18 Toasty Holiday Concoctions to Keep You Warm This Winter

Original CC image by Katie of What Katie's Baking (CC BY 2.0)

The holiday season is now upon us! This time of year, I'm sure many of you may be ripping your hair out already, wracking your brain for gift ideas, shopping, wrapping presents, shopping, planning holiday parties, more shopping, and all of that on top of the infinite number of adult responsibilities that you already had. That's why it's important to stop and take a breather every now and then! So go ahead, tuck your responsibilities in for the night, and say yes to a little "me time" with this list of holiday-inspired alcoholic beverages that are sure to keep your tummy warm this winter! Enjoy!

I've already spent a lot of time just gazing into this photo already. I'm not kidding. The Ultimate Bloody Mary by Modern Mrs. Cleaver might be the tastiest alcoholic holiday treat I've ever laid eyes on, and my life will never be complete if I don't enjoy one of these myself. Still not kidding.

If a holiday mule is more your family's tradition, consider spicing things up with this special holiday recipe with cranberry juice and sweet, sugared cranberries from Home Sweet Jones!

One of my favorite drinks of the season is good old-fashioned apple cider, and this cider-and-vodka cocktail from Sugar and Charm, delicately topped with fresh apple slices and stirred with cinnamon sticks, looks like a devilishly delicious holiday rendition!

If a vodka cider cocktail doesn't warm you up quite as much as you'd like, then I would highly recommend this Bourbon Maple Apple Cider from Freutcake as an alternative!

I just love hot chocolate! It is, of course, a staple during the colder months, and any way to spike the stuff to make it just a little jollier is perfect for me! That's why I'm so excited to try this Black Cherry Bourbon Hot Chocolate by Living Better Together!

I'm loving the look of this decadent pumpkin white hot chocolate! I also can't believe that I've never thought to make hot chocolate out of white chocolate chips before - so of course this boozy, extra-sweet pumpkin-infused & customizable concoction by Minimalist Baker caught my eye!

While we're on the subject of hot chocolate, I know firsthand that peppermint flavor is essential for holiday mixers, so I had to also include this scrumptious-looking peppermint hot chocolate martini by The Cookie Rookie!

Although originally crafted as a spicy drink for Fall, this cinnamon candy apple cocktail from Boulder Locavore is made with Sour Apple Pucker and a shot of Jose Cuervo Cinge, which is sure to take that romantic holiday "warming sensation" all the way down the hatch with it. Plus, you have to admit that it's awfully Christmassy, being all red-and-green and stuff.

If you're one of the folks whose holiday traditions include eggnog, then I'm sure you have a special recipe of your own. But, if you're like me, and still delving into the vast world of alcoholic concoctions, then consider this white chocolate & pumpkin eggnog from Kitchen Meets Girl!

However, if you're still new to the nog, then you may want to give this one a try! The warm coconut milk eggnog with hazelnuts, honey, and bourbon is so good that The Gouda Life leads this recipe with the titillating post title "Nog-Haters Rejoice!"

Let's talk about chai tea for a minute. Every once in awhile, perhaps for a few months each year, I have a certain obsession with tea, specifically the delicious and aromatic Indian blend that is chai. If there was one drink that I could enjoy every day throughout the holiday season that is so warm and comforting, it would be a nice hot cup of chai. Thanks to Tara from Suburble, I now know that my next chai-obsession will be occurring very soon and will be complimented with lots and lots of Bailey's Irish Cream. The full recipe is available on DIY Candy!

If these drinks haven't quite been your level of hot, check out the festive flaming s'mores martini, a fiery concoction by Angie of Eclectic Recipes! How badass is that?

Adversely, this gorgeous snowball-inspired martini looks super cool! Topped with white cotton candy, this designer cocktail by Heather Christo of Tasty Kitchen is undeniably creative!

When it starts to get super cold out, I can't help but imagine a nice hot buttered rum like this recipe from Creative Culinary would be infinitely savory and comforting, although I must admit that I've yet to try one myself...

If you happen to have an abundance of sugar, salt, red wine, and chocolate baking chips around, then you've got the perfect ingredients for this bittersweet hot chocolate with red wine recipe from Saveur! I'd suggest topping it off by rimming your glass with savory sea salt!

If you're looking for a little something for after dinner, then check out The Frozen Turkey - a mouth-watering dessert cocktail made from butter pecan Häagen-Dazs, Wild Turkey, amaretto, and topped with a salty caramel sauce! This inspiring holiday cocktail was created by Sue from The View from Great Island, or TVFGI!

Speaking of TVFGI, I really love Sue's recipe for mulled wine in a crock pot! This is definitely one of those holiday drinks to get brewing when the temperature starts dropping!

If you happen to be into fruitier drinks, the cherry-flavored Naughty Rudolph from Who Needs a Cape? may be right up your alley! This cutesy cocktail is garnished with a cherry and two pretzels to emanate the appearance of a cute little reindeer!

I hope you've found something special to spice up the colder months ahead! If you've been inspired by this post, please do me a huge solid by pinning the image below, or sharing it using all those little social media buttons below that. If you have a favorite drink you like to enjoy during the holiday season, let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Sooo many delicious drinks! I'm not sure which one to try first!

    1. I know! I might try the buttered rum first - seems pretty easy and I already have everything on hand to get started! ;)

  2. What a great collection! More than enough for the 12 days of Christmas! These look great! Trying one this weekend.

    1. Hey Kelly! I'm glad to have inspired you - let me know how it goes!