Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday Treasures 42

Thanks for stopping in for this week's edition of Tuesday Treasures! I love these cute DIY skull bookends from The Band Wife Blog! It may be late in the year, but you may still be able to find some pretty plastic skulls on sale leftover from Halloween to make some yourself!

These prints by artist Teagan White are just beautiful! I love how you can almost feel the chill just looking at the Lonely Winter Fox print, in contrast to the warm, happy glow from the adorable Dakota the Daisy Deer!

The primitive leaf design carved into this handmade ceramic vase by LA-based potter Jenny Kuroki is so pretty that I just want to take it home and stick it right on my mantel!

I'm in love with the pretty plush sea creatures of Big Stuffed! These super soft cephalopods look so cute and sleepy!

Finally, this little wooden necklace by Xena Style is just delightful! I love how the tiny little deer is all bundled up for winter with her cute hipster sweater and paisley hat!

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