Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday Treasures 44

Hey, folks! If this is your first time tuning in to Tuesday Treasures, then I hope you enjoy this weekly collection of my favorite finds from around the web, such as this beautiful watercolor-inspired mug! Created with tissue paper and dishwasher-safe Mod Podge by Jenni of I Spy DIY, the best part about these mugs is that they're super-easy to make and able to be customized entirely with whatever your favorite colors or patterns may be! Check out the full tutorial by clicking on the image below:

This week I'm in love with the amazingly-detailed and doodled fine art designs of Elise Mahan! Inspired by nature and intricately-patterned, these paintings are certainly something I'd be proud to hang in own home!

Speaking of the home, this beauty of a beehive would be look phenomenal in any nature- or geometric-inspired abode, with the added intimacy of being a neat storage device for your keys, and any other small items you can fit in these hip little hexagonal shelves.

This little pink house is for cutely storing craft supplies, and I must admit that it's absolutely adorable! You can easily make one for yourself or your craft room by checking out the full DIY on At Home In Love, and would you just look at that cute little squirrel tape dispenser from Cutetape?

This table is just plain enthralling! With its natural wood-grain and crystal blue pools peeking out from the tabletop, it's uniquely beautiful enough. Consider the fact that those beautiful blue pools are actually glowing globs of  photo-luminescent resin - well that's another story! See the whole table-making process over on This is Colossal!

Thanks for stopping in to read this week's edition of Tuesday Treasures! Browse the archives or follow me on Pinterest for even more great finds! See you next week!

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