Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday Treasures 46

When I see these beautiful hand-sculpted decorative spoons from Charity Elise, I can't help but imagine the bright, whimsical, and colorful kitchen that you might find them in! Each one is uniquely colored & textured and intriguingly adorable.

Schildi the tortoise of Baden, Germany was rescued and hand-crafted this awesome prosthetic leg by veterinarian Dr. Panagiotis Azmanis - from his daughter's own Lego parts! I love stories that inspire me to use my powers of creation to do something good, and this one is especially heart-warming!

Photo by Christoph Veeser via NY Daily News

This week I am crazily in love with the works of Brooke Weeber! Her portfolio consists of beautiful nature-inspired pieces and surreal works that instill an incredible range of emotions.

This shirt is so, so gorgeous! Handmade by Rabia Lockwood of Ginny & Jude Designs, the 'Riders at Dawn' blouse looks soft, silky, and almost ethereal.

Photo by Lyndal Irons

This mountain wall mural is simply amazing! Designed by Pam Lostracco and inspired by the infinite mountain ranges seen in her travels through Thailand and Laos, you can view photos of the step-by-step process at her blog.

Thanks for stopping in for today's unintentionally-mountain-inspired edition of Tuesday Treasures! If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to check out previous issues of Tuesday Treasures right here. See you next year!

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