Sunday, December 28, 2014

Warm Wishes from Brittanibus!

Hey, folks! I hope your holidays have brought you much joy, gratitude, and humbleness this year! Luckily, Brad and I are fortunate enough to have some time off for the holidays, which we've been able to spend celebrating with our friends and family, figuring out wedding details for next year, and enjoying our Christmas presents (as well as each other's company, of course!). Last Friday, we had a get-together with some close friends, had a few drinks, and exchanged a few small gifts.

As great as a gift-giver as I believed myself to be, I have to say my friend Ben really showed me up by surprising me with a a Crop-A-Dile and a cute little carrying case! I honestly had a hard time not punching holes and adding grommets to every little thing!

On Christmas Eve, we exchanged gifts with Brad's family, who were amazing enough to bless us with a remote-control car-starter! They also got me a brand new sewing & crafting desk! The real surprise, however, was revealed when I opened a card to find a picture of a Nikon DSLR and a note that it would be arriving in 7-10 days! It still isn't here yet, of course, but I'm so incredibly excited for all the photo ideas I already have and all of the visual content I'll be able to provide for the blog! I really never expected anything like it, and am so incredibly thankful of Brad, his family, and his brother Alex for going in on such an amazing gift.

We then spent Christmas morning exchanging gifts at my mom's house and enjoying the awesome breakfast that she prepared for us. I loved seeing my niece, Maddy, open her presents, and my mom really seemed to enjoy the handmade clock I made for her! The gift was inspired by this tutorial from Serendipity & Spice, but I spiced up the language a little bit, 'cause my mom's just spunky like that...

This weekend, we amped up the excitement even further by checking out a potential wedding venue! We absolutely adored the beautiful venue and all the features, but what really impressed me were all the menu options! Without giving away any spoilers, I can definitely say that our guests are going to be having some very happy bellies if we decide to select this place, however at this time nothing is set in stone and we are still open to checking out a few other venues with the dwindling time we have left. I also finished my wedding dress sketch, which literally took me months to decide on.

Having finally assembled my new crafty desk and acquired all this space, I can honestly say that I can see myself spending the remainder of my vacation getting some much-needed blogging and long-overdue projects done, not to mention finding a few things to pop some grommets into! I'm so inspired and excited that I already have so many DIY ideas in mind and I can't wait to share them with you all!

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