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9 New Ways To Remix Classic Dates

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With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's no surprise that you may be looking for something more interesting to do than your typical cheap dates or stay-at-home ideas with your favorite person. Whether you're a new couple still learning about and bonding with one another or in a seasoned partnership looking to spice things up, these nine great ideas are surefire ways to mix up those recycled date night plans and add just a little more adventure to your already-compelling romantic entanglements!

The Classic Dinner Do-Over. Start this traditional date night off by heading to a new restaurant, or even an old favorite. While you're there, switch it up by ordering meals for one another! Bonus points: select an adventurous new beverage for each other to try as well.

The Window-Shopping Charade. Have you ever wanted to pretend to be someone else for a day? As it turns out, date night can be a great night to try on someone else's shoes, and, uh... no, not in the way you're thinking. For this shopping date remix, dress up in your most elaborate disguise and pretend to be act just like the grown-up you are! Find a home on the market you're in love with and drop in at the open house! That new car you've been eyeing up? Take it for a test drive! Do I even have to mention a visit to the animal shelter? Bonus points: use the first half of your date to shop for your disguise.

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The Matinee Mix-Up. Instead of ordering the same old movie snacks from the counter, leave a little early and stop at your local dollar or bargain outlet store. (i.e. 5 Below, Ollie's, Big Lots, etc.) Places like these often have a wide variety of inexpensive candies that you may not typically consider, so take a chance and be a little adventurous! Bonus points: dump everything you buy into a purse or opaque bag and select all movie snacks at random.

The Bookstore Bash. Fancy yourselves a night in with a good book? Too bad! Take your introverted asses out to your nearest bookstore and do some shopping. You don't even have to buy anything really, just do some really thoughtful "browsing" and exchange meaningful glances every once in awhile as you silently judge everyone around you. Wait, what do you mean there's no "remix component" to this one? There you go being all judgmental again. Bonus points: there is a coffee shop in the bookstore and you both drink the coffee.

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The Paintball Picnic. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but here I go anyway: Picnics are boring. Gear up for some paintball instead, and in a few hours your body will be crying for something as gentle as a gingham blanket or a wicker-basket. Bonus points: make it a competition! The loser makes the sammiches, and the winner chooses what to do on the next date!

The Urban Explorers. Leisurely walks may be a wonderfully relaxing pastime, but if you have an avid affection for the abandoned, take your enthusiasm to the next level by taking the time to explore those beautifully-decrepit buildings and ghost towns you're always fawning over. Oh, and don't forget to pack your camera! Bonus points: make up stories about the places you're visiting: the people who lived or worked there, the romances and comedies that took place, the sad tale of a beautiful building and why it was left to decay.

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The Stationary Shopping Trip. It's been said that going shopping with someone is a great way to get to know them! Even at a regular old department store, you can learn about a person's favorite food, music, movies, and other interests just by doing a little bit of browsing. The idea behind this shopping date remix is to leave behind the nuisances of wasting gas by driving to each individual store, being annoyed by all the crowds, and ultimately spending ridiculous amounts of time in a place that only your significant other wants to be. So find a nice coffee shop, McDonald's, or library, bring your laptop or tablet, and enjoy some one-on-one shopping time from across the table. You might just learn something new about each other! Bonus points: buy something online to spice up your next offbeat date!

The Conspiracy Theory Coffee Date. Why spend an awkward afternoon at the coffee shop when you both can bring along your laptops and research a mutually interesting topic? For my friends and me, this outing would surely include some two-hour-long conspiracy theory documentaries, as well as trading interesting Youtube video URLs. This is also a great idea for a first date, as it involves discovering exactly how intelligent, gullible, or downright crazy your potential partner may be. Bonus points: convert a nonbeliever!

The Road Trip Remix. Instead of carefully planning your destination, let the road drive you! Determine how far you are willing to travel and in which direction you are most likely to come across something interesting (using your best judgment, of course) and don't stop until you see a sign that calls your name! Bonus points: reference to find some cool places along the way!

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How do you remix your reused date ideas to add a little variety? For more great ideas for couples, be sure to check out my collection of inexpensive outings or stay-at-home date night ideas, perfect for both parents and pairs of introverts! Thanks for reading!

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