Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday Treasures 48

Okay, now can you honestly tell me that this little log-shaped pencil case and pincushion from Hitree aren't the cutest little school and sewing supplies you've ever seen? The pincushion is appropriately named Mr. Stump, and his likes include singing songs about fungus, turning carbon monoxide into oxygen, and cuddling. I can't even...

I love these cute camera-inspired cards by Melody of A Paper Melody! The filmstrip ribbon is absolutely adorable and matches the snappy lettering all too well! Great use of sequins, too!

This rug is so diverse and colorful - I'm actually antsy to make one myself! That's why I was so excited when I discovered that the full tutorial by Sara Plath uses a super simple cardboard loom!

The pretty kitty paper dolls and awesome hand-shaped cardigan clips by Jordan Grace Owens are crazily cute! I love the kitties' hairy little bellies and disinterested expressions - especially that little guy in the tuxedo on the right!

Chester, a project by Oya-Meryem Yanik and Anastasiya Koshcheeva of Berlin, is a stunning experimental stitched-wood material that is nothing short of divine!

Thanks for stopping in for another issue of Tuesday Treasures! For more weekly works of art, heartwarming handmade treasures, and favorite finds from around the web, be sure to come back next Tuesday or browse previous issues in the archives. See you soon!

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