Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday Treasures 51

I just can't get enough of these simply remarkable felt-scaled beasties, hand-crafted by Jordan in Cleveland for her Etsy shop, Horrible Adorables! Her cruelty-free fantasy taxidermy is an art form all its own!

The paintings of Anne Siems have truly captured my heart this week, particularly the wispy, translucent dresses painted in her works that wondrously meld landscape and portraiture into perfectly-subtle surreal scenes. Her gallery is so unique and vast that I couldn't choose just one favorite to feature:

I love this one-of-a-kind set of hexagonal shelves by Jennifer Perkins! You can see the full DIY over on her blog, using easy-to-hang Ikea mirrors and bright, colorful boxes; I'd love to see this project reworked in different shapes and sizes!

The gold-leaf-covered Oreo olallieberry chocolate layer cake by Stephanie of Desserts for Breakfast is definitely one of those divine delicacies that is oft-referred to as "too pretty to eat".

Seeing as I'm terribly fond of foxes and all things geometric and tribal-printed, of course I can't stop swooning over this pretty wrapping paper from Prism of Starlings! A paper this amazing would definitely be put to use for something less disposable than wrapping presents in my house; if I get my hands on this stuff, pretty cards with matching envelopes for everybody!

Thanks again, folks, for stopping in for yet another edition of Tuesday Treasures! Feel free to share some of your own favorite finds in the comments section below, or get a sneak peek at some of my very favorite finds by following me on Pinterest! See you soon!

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  1. Love your picks! Especially those Anne Siems paintings! ~Amy

    1. Hey Amy! I'm glad you like them - thanks for stopping by!