Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday Treasures 52

This beautiful gold ring set is so stunning! I love the attention to detail in each of the one-of-a-kind rings in this set, which are created with recycled 14k gold by Marilyn Brogan of Meander Works!

According to artist Tamara Phillips of Deep Coloured Water, the circular shapes in these paintings are meant to represent cellular life, and the way the watercolors run through one another is representative of the way all life on Earth is bound. This brings another level of meaningful wonder to these paintings, and I can't help but allow myself to become entirely captivated.

This accent wall by Mallory of Classy Clutter is too perfect! Inspired by a wallpaper by Joy Cho, you can learn how to DIY your own patterned wall using a Silhouette machine and this step-by-step tutorial!

If you're looking for a super cute way to refashion a boring old t-shirt, then be sure to check out this completely adorable cross-stitched collar DIY by Ines Melo of The Sewing Rabbit!

This pretty floral swimsuit from Anthropologie is undeniably gorgeous! I seriously can't express how much I love this thing. Is it selfish to put swimwear on my wedding registry?

Thanks for stopping in for another great issue of Tuesday Treasures! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest for even more of my favorite discoveries from around the web! What was your favorite find this week?

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