Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Treasures 53

Hey, thanks for stopping by for Tuesday Treasures, my weekly collection of favorite finds from around the web! Not only are these handmade high-waist floral panties so, so pretty, but doesn't the amazing product photography over at Ohhh Lulu just take the cake?

This week I am totally obsessed with the colorful, imaginative, nature-inspired artwork by Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd of Inaluxe! These two artists have blended together to create a style so truly unique, and as a result have had the opportunity to collaborate with brands like IKEA, Urban Outfitters, and Kate Spade New York!

I can't say I'd mind a cute little handbag that requires a key, even if it's not for locking! This brown bag from Modcloth is called the Keystone State Bag, and it's definitely got me daydreaming about being back home in Pennsylvania as I'm typing this now!

The simple but stunning stoneware by J.D. Wolfe Pottery are the kind of pieces that not only make a house a home, but can really bring personality into a home as well. The tiny little cloud-shaped sushi plates are almost too cute to use; I'd rather hang them up on a pretty blue wall!

This gorgeous navy blue infinity scarf is just one of the many amazing brightly-patterned voile scarves from Peddling Panda, but those cute little foxes stole my heart right away!

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