Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday Treasures 54

This edition of Tuesday Treasures features some of my very favorite handmade and gracefully-designed pieces from some truly wonderful artists and artisans from around the web - enjoy!

These cuff bracelets by Lynn of Sidereal are each carefully hand-embroidered with beautiful nature-inspired designs, and I'm pretty much entirely in love with them.

The kitchen in this luxurious four-story building, entirely designed by Ilse Crawford of Studio Ilse, is stylishly paired with natural textures and accented with gorgeous bursts of bright gold, but I'm especially swooning over this beautiful understated watercolor chalkboard-esque back-splash and that gorgeous teapot!

The imaginative artwork of Alice Ferrow has really captured my heart this week! I love the way she pairs subtle neutrals with pops of bright colors, as well as the natural elements that are sprinkled throughout her designs.

Aren't these tiny tree stumps just the cutest little notepads of all time? I also have to admit that there's something about having a nice little reminder of the trees you're contributing to destroying every time you have to use paper for something.

I just love this crazy-awesome black & white-patterned door by Jenni over on I Spy DIY! That little peek of bright yellow really makes the pattern stand out even more in her bold black-and-white studio!

Thanks for stopping in for another week of Tuesday Treasures! For more of my favorite finds throughout the week, be sure to follow my blog on Facebook, or check out some of my previous issues! See you soon!

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