Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday Treasures 57 (Mature Content)

Thanks for stopping in for another edition of Tuesday Treasures! This week I'm loving the sultry surreal works of outstanding artist Catrin Welzstein

This piece of gear decor by Elisha is so cool, and looks super fun to make! You can check out the full tutorial to make some for yourself at Pneumatic Addict. They're also surprisingly lightweight!

I just can't get enough of this adorable fox dress! A dress with pockets that looks like my favorite animal... how can I say no? Nichola, creator and owner of Etsy shop Knickerocker, even makes them in bear, raccoon, panda, and kitty - so cute!

I feel like I'm starting to have a weird obsession with dishes that look like cute little animals and clouds and things... but to be fair, these pretty bird-shaped spoon rests bear the trademark lace pattern of Burning Fork Studio, an extra little detail that makes them really remarkable!

These jalapeƱo popper chicken taquitos look absolutely AMAZING! I haven't had great Mexican food since my vacation in Florida last year, so I'm definitely considering trying out these mouth-watering pretties by Tiffany at Le Creme de la Crumb!

Thanks again for stopping around for another issue of Tuesday Treasures, my favorite weekly finds from around the web! For more of my very favorite finds, be sure to follow me on Pinterest or check out the rest of my blog! See you next week!

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