Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday Treasures 60

I can't get over just how amazingly bold and unique these bowls are! You'd be surprised to find that this project can be accomplished in 20 short minutes using three inexpensive items. Check out this awesome tutorial by Fariha over on Pennies for a Fortune - the design possibilities are truly endless!

These may very well be some of the most gorgeous wedding cakes I've ever seen! The draped fondant fabrics paired with layers upon layers of lace and one-of-a-kind details make the beautiful creations of Sweetlake Cakes especially luxurious!

I just can't get enough of the beautiful floral Katelyn wedding dress by Wendy Makin! I was actually surprised to see this photo of it on a hanger. If it were mine, I don't think anyone could ever convince me to take this dress off. Ever.

The adorable one-of-a-kind woodland creature-inspired brooches of Tukoni Tribe are the cutest little hand-painted companions - I just want to pick up that tiny little raccoon and squeeze him! The fantasy creatures, however, are especially cool.

So I guess at this point it's pretty apparent how much more obsessed I'm becoming with wedding-related things as the big day draws nearer, but can you seriously look at the layers in this ring from Staghead Designs and not completely melt? Plus, I love knowing that if I was interested in this piece that it's made from an antler that was ethically sourced. Just gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping in for another issue of Tuesday Treasures! Be sure to drop by next week to get a glance at my awesome handmade wedding invitations (or check me out on Instagram to get a special sneak peek at them)! See you soon!

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